Here’s what you should consider when it comes to your cat’s diet:

My question is about feeding a proper cat diet. I look forward to your response.
Safe For Cats Ever wondered if It is safe, as long as you keep your cat's diet and don't feed it excessive amounts of pas Raw Meat. It is mostly safe,
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(4) These days, the only reason to feed a cat diet that is just dry food is one of convenience to the owner. The cat's best interests are served by feeding only canned food. Canned food has far more water in it and is now recommended for all cats, not just those with urinary tract problems. It is pretty much impossible to make a cat drink more, so canned food provides extra water to cats, who by nature are not big drinkers. Some tips (and warnings) for considering switching your cat to a vegetarian dietKeep in mind: cats are natural carnivores, so vegetarian diets won’t do.See  for a discussion of how a water-depleted diet causes a great deal of suffering in our cats.
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by removing it and replacing it with measured portions of dry and canned diet foods served at regular times. It has been my experience when placing one of the cats on a diet that at first they wander over to where their eating place is. So, switch your cat over to a new diet gradually, and make sure your pet continues to eat heartily. They don’t become fat overnight, so you don’t have to trim them down overnight. and get more exercise. I have found that eating less calories with a prescription diet food is preferable because if you give your cat less food it’s more difficult… you love your cat and don’t want it feeling like it needs more food or that you are being a mean to it. time. Your disgruntled dieter will undoubtedly continue to cry for snacks and treats but stick with your resolve. Indulge your fat cat with more petting and playtime. Remember that by helping your cat slim down now, you’ll likely give your furry friend a longer, healthier life. The best way to start a diet is to reduce . The recommended daily feeding amount listed on the food bag is based on the metabolic needs of unaltered animals. Most family owned cats are spayed or neutered. Their metabolic needs are 80% when compared to unaltered animals, so they need 20 percent less calories, thus 20 percent less food. You should feed your cat the amount of food for the weight you want your cat to be, not the weight your cat is now.keep costs down I found that expanding the exercise routines dramatically and substituting some freshly cooked chicken (with out skin or spices) satisfied a portion of the nutrients needed to fill the big tummy of a tubby cat so he could still reduce his weight and curtail the yowling.

nutrients. They aren’t vegetarians and are unable to survive for long periods of time on a meat-free diet. While cats can digest some vegetable matter, they don’t have a strict need for greenery. Because nutrition is one of the most important keys to your cat's health and longevity, one of your most important responsibilities as a cat owner is to provide your cat with the necessary nutrients required for its growth and maintenance. To do this, it is first necessary to understand what cats need in their diet.