A cat's having a fun game of piggy-back-riding on a turtle.

A #Cat and a #Turtle Kitty has a weird perception of what makes a comfortable pillow.
At least 86 dogs, 12 cats and a turtle were removed Friday morning from a Stockton home, where a homeowner in need of medical attention was taken to a hospital and later died, police said.

A #Cat and a #Turtle Kitty has a weird perception of what makes a comfortable pillow.
The cat is stupid because all it had to do was go into the next room over. You won’t be attacked for at least a month until the turtle waddles over there. One Slow Game Of Tag Between A Cat And A Turtle!This weekend, I came across an animal video on Facebook that blew me away. It depicted a turtle attacking a very startled orange tabby cat.Find the latest Pete the Cat books including Pete the Cat picture books, Pete the Cat song books, Pete the Cat I Can Read! books, and more.
Meow Gifs brings you the most funny, cute, and mad cat gifs from the Web and beyond. Follow us on and to see the best cat gif pictures every day! Enjoy!You’ve probably heard the story of the tortoise and the hare, but have you heard the one about the turtle and the cat? Every time this turtle tries to catch his furry friend, the cat manages to sneak around and tag him again! No fair cat, you’re too fast!So this kitty was relaxing in the box bed when suddenly the turtle decided to tell her a secret, in her ears. So she starts climbing on top of the cat, walking on her endless fur, taking the time of her life to reach the cat to tell her something. When the cat realized that the turtle was climbing on her, I thought she’d jump, but she didn’t she waited… and waited… and eventually fell sleepy. She’ll get there cat, hang in there.As the cat lay on the kitchen floor of some pet owner's apartment, the turtle repeatedly hit it with its head and shell. The cat, clearly annoyed, eventually moved two feet away and flopped down on the kitchen floor again — only to be tackled by the turtle again. On and on this behavior continued. My mouth was hanging open for the entirety of the video.1. What turtle temperament would I like to see in my pet?
2. How big would I like my turtle to get?
3. Is the appearance of my turtle important to me?
4. Do I have the means to accommodate the needs of just any turtle?
5. Do I need a permit or license to keep a turtle in my location?"When they enter courtship, the males shell-butt the females and nip them (not very romantic eh?)," Hawkes told The Verge. "Turtles are not renowned for their higher cognitive skills, so I think they are mistaking some other animal creature — in this case cats and dogs — at the approximate same height as them for a lady turtle and they are trying to get it on."I tried to rationalize the behavior. Some turtles are territorial, so maybe the cat was intruding on its space? Or perhaps the turtle had mistaken the cat for a very large, furry piece of food?It goes without saying that pets of different types might need to be kept apart or watched closely when they’re in the same proximity. While pet ownership has turned many (and cute internet memes), it only takes a moment for instinct to take over and turn a friend into food. A dog or cat may view your new turtle with curiosity at first, but a simple exploratory scratch or bite can easily cause serious, and potentially lethal, harm. And there is the same threat of Salmonella infection from turtles to other pets as there is to humans (see the previous slide).