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Aug 11, 2013 - Clipping a cat's nails can be a real pain, both literally and ..
This type of scratching post is basically a polished timber board which is made of hardwood. In their natural habitat, cats normally sharpen their claws/nails against trees, therefore many of them do prefer this type of scratching material. It’s important that the wood be of high quality, otherwise your cat may get injured by splinters.
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Emery Cat Board Kitty Scratcher is the fun new kitty scratcher that trims your cat's claws as she plays. Emery Cat Board is a simple way to keep those kitty claws trimmed, easy on you and you feline friend. Emery Cat contains a patented honeycomb surface that works like a nail file, gently filing away sharpness. Emery Cat Board Kitty Scratcher is infused with irresistible catnip that keeps your cat coming back for more. The Pet Zone® Dual Incline Cat Scratching board provides cats with a premium corrugate and carpet surfaces which groom their nailsThe emery cat scratching board. Your cat can trim their nails while playing. Am emery board for your cat.those cardboard cat furniture for our cats and they LOVE to scratch them but we still have to clip their nails.
IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT NEW FURNITURE ARRIVING - While a cat is learning not to scratch your new piece of furniture, cover it while you aren't home while providing a sturdy post or cardboard pad nearby so kitty knows where to go to scratch - and praise her when you see her scratching the right place! There are also repellents (cats do not like citrus or orange smells) available to spray on the object that you don't want kitty to scratch. Cats are highly intelligent animals that can easily be trained with some time and effort. Cats respond to voice commands so make sure to praise a cat with positive reinforcement & yummy treats or cat nip when she scratches in the right place. Don't forget about extra nail trimmings or Soft Paws when new furniture arrives and spray some pheromone spray to reduce territorial scratching around the new furniture every other day.To most cats, the sturdiness and stability of a scratching post matters even more than the material of construction. Cats put a lot of energy into sharpening their claws, and they can’t scratch with gusto if the post won’t stay upright. A wood or sisal post must be attached to a sturdy base that won’t wobble when the cat’s scratching. A wobbly post may also be nailed onto a larger base for more stability. Cardboard posts that lie flat on the floor should be large enough for the cat to stand on them and scratch at the same time.If you are a long time cat owner, you know that one of the most grating sounds is that of your cat scratching your furniture. It is similar to nails on a chalkboard, only the board is your brand new sofa! There are a couple of solutions to this problem. You can put aluminum foil on the edges of your furniture because cats don’t like to scratch foil. You can even spray the surface of your couch with orange scented sprays because cats don’t like the smell. But the best thing to do is buy scratching posts to scatter throughout your home.