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get the cat muzzle for biting, as that is the most common habit for cats.
Also, you should consider having one as it breaks bad habits such as biting wood or furniture as newborn kittens that have this habit will most likely carry it to its adulthood. The best time to break these habits are when they are babies, so that you can destroy the habit before it becomes too late. There is a very simple way to do this with the muzzle. Just place it over the cat when they start to do whatever you would like them to stop doing and they will soon realize that they will get this punishment when doing the action that they did. This will make them fear the moment where you place the muzzle, so that they will never do it again.
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My border collie mix who reached almost 5 years of age exhibiting a new behavior air snapped twice at one of my cats as he raced out the back door one day (he is an inside cat). I was stupid and did not recognize the warning and 15 minutes later, Jelly walked up to Frankie, pounced, and grabbed him by the head. She broke his jaw. After 5 weeks of tube feeding Frankie is OK and I instituted a new management program of separation and muzzling in the house when the cats were awake and about. In an earlier post you posed the question of whether more help was need in vet’s offices as far as recognizing and treating behavior problems. Hell yes, in my vet’s office. Jelly had fear aggression issues with dogs. I worked with a wonderful person, Pia McGovern of K9-Insight, in classes to counter condition and we had made progress. But Pia moved back to Sweden and there is a huge void left in the services and classes she provided. All Jelly’s life people would look at her, back up and say PIT BULL. So, I found a pit bull trainer and rescuer of some note in the SF bay area and brought her to the house to consult and help me. She took one look at Jelly and said BORDER COLLIE and no pit bull. Do you see irony here yet? Hated all her life for being pit bull, the trainer hated her for NOT being pit bull. It was a highly unprofessional visit. She said she saw signs of unstable excitement that could or would transfer into human aggression, talked about how wonderful pit bulls are and border collies are not, and had us walk some circles around the front yard. In the hour visit, she never came near Jelly or touched her. Said she had never seen such a better trained dog that the problem was one of bad genetics. At one point she turned her back and walking away from me I heard her mutter under her breathe “You have a big problem here.” I attempted engaging the Dunbars, but they said I lived too far away. A month and a half after the Frankie attack, Jelly began exhibited troubling behaviors, fearfulness of things like a bin of dog cookies and over the top frenzy at the door when someone left a leaflet. Then one morning in a state of high excitement, Jelly jumped up and bit me in the upper arm when I stepped past her rather than throw the ball. It was not a grab for the ball; it was a bite that produced deep bruising, but no skin break. I felt we had no where to go and a member of the household is in chemo therapy and could not sustain a dog bite. I put my darling dog down on July 27 and even today I have trouble breathing the pain is so sharp and the self-doubt so soul-crushing. It all started with two air snaps–click, click. Even small dogs with tiny mouths can inflict a nasty wound. There are no muzzles for cats but there is a head bag that fits over the entire head that restricts biting.This is where our beloved cat muzzle comes into play with its astounding features that make every cat stop and think before biting or chewingMEDIUM muzzle fits cats 6-12 lbs; Cat Muzzles to help stop biting and chewing by difficult cats. Fully adjustable Velcro strap for an easy fit. Read more.
There are times when muzzling your cat is necessary, making it a vital piece of equipment for your cats first aid kit. The muzzle helps restrain your cat from biting or chewing. This simply designed cat muzzle is crafted from strong nylon fabric and is fully lined. This muzzle has fully adjustable straps that allow you to secure it comfortably around the cat’s neck which helps prevents the cat from removing this muzzle.This restraint can prevent difficult cats from biting and chewing. Lined Cat Muzzle is crafted with strong nylon fabric, and has a fully adjustable strap and quick-release buckle. This cat restraint is lined with chafe-free inner seams for superior comfort. While this muzzle is a snap to remove and replace, it stays in place and cannot be pulled off by cats with their paws.IMPORTANT: Use only with direct supervision. Do not leave cat muzzled for long periods of time. Prolonged use of a muzzle inhibits cat’s natural cooling system, which can result in a life-threatening situation for the animal. This muzzle is designed for cats only.Brachycephalic dogs need special consideration because for them, breathing during regular activity often requires effort. When they are stressed, such as during a vet visit, breathing becomes even more difficult--they can actually become cyanotic and collapse. Muzzles are often impossible to use on these breeds, because some of them (like a pug) often have no “muzzle” to place anything on. For these dogs you can roll a towel lengthwise and place it around their neck. Just the extra material on their short neck stops them from whirling around and biting, but they are still able to breathe. Go slowly with stressed brachycephalic dogs and give them a chance to catch their breath between treatments.