Several movies in 2016 had cats in the starring role

A couple from the UK came up with a brilliant idea to share their love of cats and movies.
Grumpy Cat (aka Tardar Sauce) is going to star in a feature film. Will you see a movie based on a meme? Pop Trigger breaks it down with Ana Kasparian (co-host of The Young Turks).

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Read more about the Grumpy Cat film from Victoria McNally / Geekosystem:
Title: Saigon -Year of the Cat- (TV Movie 1983)
Garfield (2004)
Madagascar Movie - Cat Movie - Adventure Tour - Good Movies For Kids
Jon Arbuckle buys a second pet, a dog named Odie. However, Odie is then abducted and it is up to Jon's cat, Garfield, to find and rescue the canine.
Director: Peter Hewitt (as Pete Hewitt)
Writers: Jim Davis (comic strip "Garfield"), Joel Cohen
Stars: Breckin Meyer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Stephen Tobolowsky @moviecats has since gained a following of more than 28,000 fans.A horror movie where cats save the day — and with a Stephen King-penned screenplay to boot!A post shared by Movie Cats (@moviecats) on
A list of the best cat movies ever. These are movies about cats, or featuring a cat as one of the main characters. Not only that, these are the *best* cat movies. Cat lovers will also enjoy the and the . If you've think we've missed one please feel free to add it in yourself to this list of the best cat movies. As one of our two favorite pets, cats are a safe bet when it comes to making movies and this is a list of some of those great cat films.

Since cats are more difficult to train, there also tends to be fewer cat movies compared to . Various cat breeds can be found in these films. If you're into felines then we bet you'll find a movie on this list of cat films you'll love. Hopefully we'll be able to add some more cat films to the list in the future!

What are the best cat movies? This cat movies list strives to answer that question.Check out Hollywood blockbusters on campus, right after they hit the theaters and before they even make it to DVD. The Films Committee of the Campus Activities Team (CAT) brings great movies to campus every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night while classes are in session. CAT offers free movies (unless noted!) each month in the Connelly Center Cinema. Our Film committee helps at weekly movies, plans special events, selects movies for the upcoming semester line-up, and screens movie trailers. The Turkish cat documentary opened Friday in one New York theater, where it broke records and scored the top per-screen average of any movie in current release. With a 100% perfect (or is that purrfect?) rating at Rotten Tomatoes and what the theater reported as 21 sold-out shows, this little four-legged sleeper about the felines of Istanbul looks to be a breakout hit. It already has scored the best per screen of any documentary released this year or even in 2016. Oscilloscope, which opens the film Friday in L.A., followed by a national rollout, understandably is excited about this one, just as much as my own cats Thelma and Louise were when we watched this delightful documentary from director Ceyda Torun.The Shadow of the Cat, as its name suggests, is a Major Cat Movie. It’s also a Hammer film in all but name (the official production company was BHP), having been filmed in some of Hammer’s favourite stomping grounds – and .The cat on the movie poster is not the same as the cat in the movie, but otherwise this movie is perfect. I would have given it a perfect 10 stars but I don't like that the poster shows a cat that is cute and young in an awkward pose but the cat in the movie is never really very awkward and is older, but it is still a cute cat so don't worry you won't be subjected to an ugly cat just one that is different from the one in the movie.

Eric Roberts demonstrates a broad range of emotions, from being annoyed by "beeping machines" to seriously loving on some food, but when I rented this movie I was expecting to hear his voice attached to the cat on the poster, and when it was instead a different cat with Eric Roberts' voice, I felt a little bit thrown off.

Watch this movie a lot of times. Also, I'm working on a poster that is more representative of the cat from the actual movie and when it's ready I'll update my review and post it here.