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Replacement Water Filter Cartridges for Cat Mate & Dog Mate Fountains, Pack of 10
The unit is made from durable plastic, and can accommodate up to 4.9 liters of water. There is also a filter that works in the unit that will help screen the dirt, thus helping your pets drink fresh and clean water. This unit will provide your cats fresh water every time of the day. This should work for pets that do not like to drink from their bowls which will prevent your cats water from moulding, becoming still and stale. The Cat Mate is designed to work silently and is designed with a multi-level platform pool that allows your pets to drink at 3 different heights. This should work for small pets to all the way up to adult and senior cats. This Petsafe water dispenser is another great looking product that adds a classic modern charm to your home while providing your cats with fresh and aerated filtered water so your cats can get hydrated at all times.Just like other products made from ceramic, this unit is easy to clean, and can help reduce the risks associated with bacteria build-up. There are two areas where the cats can drink their water- top and bottom. If you have problems with your cats and how they respond to water fountains,then let them use this Drinkwell 360. The fascinating design of the unit will entice cats to drink water from the fountain. The product comes with a unique-looking free-falling fountain like water stream that stands 5 inches and a round container so cats can drink from the same container at the same time.This should work for pet owners with multiple pets in the household. This can carry up to 128 oz of fresh water, and allows pet owners who want to customize the spout rings. Designed like your traditional looking water dispenser, but with a twist…
The Drinkwell water fountain features a circulating system to ensure the freshness of the water to prevent them from potentially contaminated water.
First4Spares Replacement Filter Cartridges For Cat Mate Pet Water Fountains 2PK This is a brand new replacement part designed to f
To fill it, you can pull the cord apart instead of unplugging the unit from the wall. When doing this, you will have just a small part of the cord making it easier to take the unit to the sink.
The Cat Mate Fountain lifts apart easily and you fill the water from the bottom section; the pump is attached to the top with a plastic piece that you swivel it to one side and pull it off. When you fill the fountain you also clean the top, the bottom, the pump, the filter or change it and put it back together. Add water. Plug wires back together and the Cat Mate Fountain is ready to go. Compatible with Cat Mate & Dog Mate FountainsPack of 10 filtersKeep the water in your pet’s Cat Mate fountain tasting freshx2 4YourHome Water Purification Filter Cartridges to fit Cat Mate Fountains 335.PET MATE CAT MATE DOG KITTEN WATER DRINKING FOUNTAIN BOWL DRINK PUMP FILTER CATS
$31.06-$44.95 Animal health and vitality require water consumption. The carefully developed, unique design of the Cat Mate Pet Fountain encourages pets to drink the naturally oxygenated, pure filtered water they prefer. Exceptional quiet, low voltage operation and multi-height drinking levels suits pets of all ages. Smile cleaning dishwasher proof.The Cat Mate Pet Fountain is as suitable for small dogs as it is for cats. It is made of plastic and features a polymer-carbon filter for water purification. To suit the needs of all pets, the fountain comes with a three-level design as well as a flowing water stream. The pump is very quiet and shouldn't frighten animals who are disturbed by loud noises.Cat mate indoor pet dog water fountain cat mate replacement filter cartridges for and dog fountains cat mate pet fountain replacement filters 2 pack replacement filter cartridges x2 for use with cat cat mate pet fountain with two additional filter packsCats foods and supplies dogs zando cat mate replacement filter cartridge for pet fountain mate pet fountain replacement filters 2 pack cat mate fountain pet water fountain

The Cat Mate Pet Fountain will keep your pet's water supply fresh and clean. Three multi-height drinking stations make this pet water fountain a perfect fit for cats of any size and small dogs. The Isolated Pump System is designed to operate with a minimal amount of noise - so quiet your pet won't even realize it's on! A replaceable polymer carbon filter purifies your pet's water and keeps it free of contaminants. The 2 Liter / 70 oz. capacity of the Cat Mate Pet Fountain means that it will hold enough water to quench the thirst of even the heaviest drinkers. The plastic bowls are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. A 10 foot long power cord plugs right into the wall, eliminating the need to constantly replace batteries.This is one of the best cat water fountains for the money. It features three different-height drinking levels and two waterfalls, so your finicky cat can find his own favorite watering hole. The Cat Mate uses a polymer-carbon filter to purify water, which is great for removing impurities like chlorine, bacteria, and harmful toxins. The filter can be replaced to keep the water fresh.