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Filename: Terrific Side Cabinet Painted In Brown And Decorated Using Cat Litter Box Furniture Concept Inside It Placed On White Tiled Flooring
Mid Century Modern Cat Furniture & Litter Box Cover - too bad it's almost $600!
I have this kitty-litter-enclosure box in my laundry room and love it. I have it placed so that the front the cat box has the opening on it. If you are looking at the cat box this way (opening of box facing toward you), the width of the furniture piece is 19 inches, and the depth (front to back) is 20.5 inches. The height is 25 inches. You can put the towel bar on either the left or the right side, or you can choose not to install the towel bar at all. If you install the towel bar on either the left or right side, it sticks out a little from the side of the box, so this makes the width of box about 19.5 inches. But again, you don't need to install the towel bar. Hope this helps! I recommend putting a glass cover the top of the box - keeps it looking nicer and helps to avoids stains (particularly because the cat box is white). I bought a glass cutting board at Bed, Bath and Beyond (12 inches x 15 inches) and put that on top of the box; it doesn't cover the entire top of the box, but I put my laundry detergent, etc., on the glass top - rather than directly touching the top of the cat box, and this has kept the kitty furniture looking nicer. Easy to remove the glass cutting board and wash it by itself. Hope this helps! Ikea Cat Litter Box Hack - turn a cheap chest into custom cat box furniture in under an hour. Cool!Ikea Cat Litter Box Hack - turn a cheap chest into custom cat box furniture in under an hour. Cool!Ikea Cat Litter Box Hack - turn a cheap chest into custom cat box furniture in under an hour. Cool!
For five years Tazzy and I shared a high rise, two room condo in San Francisco. There was limited space and no appropriate place to put the unsightly “cat box”.
After placing the litter pan in my bathtub for a year, I finally constructed a piece of furniture that hid the litter box. It turned out to be the perfect solution. A “hidden and tidy” place for the Cat litter box. A beautiful piece of furniture which I aptly named Hidy-TidyThe Cat Litter Box Cover and Cabinet is an attractive piece of furniture to hide your cat's litter box. This piece of furniture can also be used as an organizational space to store litter and other cat supplies.The Cat Litter Box Cover and Cabinet hides your cat's litter box messes while also providing you with an organizational piece of furniture. The Cat Litter Box Cover and Cabinet is large enough to fit most litter boxes, including extra large automatic boxes. Additional cat supplies (litter and scoop) can also be stored inside. The white paint finish complements most home decor Note: Product does not include litter box pan.Cat furniture that is handsome, has an interior divider (with a kitty sized opening), that you can adjust to accommodate the size of the litter box or to suit other kitty uses. You can insert the divider so its opening is offset from the main doorway opening; this means the kitty cannot jump directly from his litter pan to outside, so litter tracking is reduced. You can put a small fluffy rug in the "foyer" to help catch litter granules before the kitty steps outside the litter box chest.Cat furniture is a wood chest cat litter box cover, available in a choice of wood stain colors or paint. Gives kitties a tranquil, private area for the litter box and gives you a beautiful addition to any room. This chest also protects cat litter box from curious dogs and toddlers. (Or use this cat furniture instead as a place for kitty to dine without interference.)As a cat owner, I am well aware of the messy side of caring for my cats. That’s why I worked hard to develop a product that covered all the issues. Take the ledge for example: this patented feature keeps the scratched excess litter inside the furniture, rather than the floor. The Hidy Tidy comes with a compartment for storing plastic bags too: hang the scoop on the inside of the door so that everything is ready to go come clean-time.