Basic Tips for Making Cats Feel Better About Using Their Litter Boxes

 Made exclusively from coconut, new CatSpot Litter is 100% organic and super lightweight.
Non-clumping CatSpot Litter absorbs all the smells you'd rather not smell, with its 100% chemical free, no-additive, biodegradable composition.
CatSpot Litter only needs to be changed every 10-15 days, depending on your cats needs.
Cats can be finicky about their bathroom habits, so unless you want to be dealing with a regular mess at home, keeping your cat's litter box up to their standards is very important. The following suggestions should keep your cat from "thinking outside the box." Check out our FAQs for tons of great information about World's Best Cat Litter™ products.Smells stay trapped deep inside the litter. So living with your cat doesn't have to stink.Because you love your cat—but you don’t love those giant jugs of litter.
When Weruva decided to manufacture cat food, it was so we could create the highest standard possible for our three rescued kitties – Webster, Rudi, and Vanessa – the namesakes for the WeRuVa family of brands. Fueled by the same passion, we sought to create the best cat litter for our cats – Hinoki Wood (in the cypress family) and Green Tea based. CatSpot Litter is all-natural, so the solids are completely flushable*. It can also be thrown in the trash, or thrown in your yard – it’s biodegradable! Animal Shelters go through millions of pounds of cat litter. We donate litter so they can spend the money saved on caring for cats … and getting them adopted! World's Best Cat Litter offers the best of both worlds: biodegradability and clumping action. Because it clumps on contact with urine, the litter box is easier to clean. It's made out of ground corn, so it can be flushed or composted. It's a little pricey compared to economy litters, but experts and owners largely say its benefits make World's Best worth its premium cost. CatSpot Litter is lightweight and delivered right to your doorstep every month! No more last-minute trips to the store or lugging heavy litter! If you're looking for an all-natural cat litter that's effective, biodegradable and affordable, experts and owners alike say Feline Pine is worth considering. Not every reviewer is sold on pellet litters like this one, and even fans say its best when paired with a special litter pan, but Feline Pine is free from hazardous chemicals, does a great job of controlling odors, and is relatively dust free. If some of drawbacks -- such as dust -- are a concern, SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter is worth considering. Made of grass, it's lightweight, too, though that can be both a plus and a minus. Still, it earns raves from both experts and users who report that it is largely dust free and clumps very well. If litter-pan reluctance is a problem with your cat, Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Attract could be the solution. It's a favorite among veterinarians and cat experts, who say this herb-scented, clumping cat litter does a great job encouraging proper behavior with cats that tend to urinate outside the litter box. It's also safe for kittens, and perfect for training them to use the litter box.