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You should not flush silica or clay clumping litters down your toilet since both have high absorption properties. This may be handy for masking odors and clumping cat waste, but when exposed to the water in your toilet plumbing, these products can swell and create pesky blockages. For users of silica and clay litters, the trash can is the better mode of disposal.
This cat litter disposal pail makes cleaning the box an odor- and mess-free cinch, locking away litter and odor better than a trash can
How can I recyle cat litter waste? Right now, my bags of it end up in trash disposal. I know someone who directly created a slope of it over a cliff, over time! In the past, I've used it to fill holes in my property. The point is, it's not supposed to be used in compost (except for flower beds), and if treated as trash, it just goes into landfills, doesn't it? I am looking for environmentally sound ideas about where to dispose of cat litter. What do you do with your clay or scoop stuff?

Nica from Big Bend, WV Oct 15, 2014 - That means a cat box and lots of kitty litter — the latter of which is probably going straight into your trashcanMar 29, 2014 - Just as cat litter absorbs smells in a litter box, it's extremely effective at absorbing other problem odors such as those found in trash cans.Even when stored in a sealed trash bag, smelly cat litter can make you count the days until trash pick-ups. Now there is a great new way to handle used litter.
Having only one cat makes my litter-issues easy to handle. I put a layer of folder newspaper in the bottom of my litter pan. Then, I add about a soup-can size amount of litter-that's all! After a cat-poop appears, I dump the whole thing in a garbage-bag lined, covered container, outside (on my balcony, since I live in a second floor apt.). I then replace the newspaper and small amount of litter, so my cat always has a fresh litter box. About once every two weeks, I take the trash bag litter to the dumpster. A 20 lb bag of (cheap!) litter lasts about a month-or more. Occasionally, I give the litter pan a good "bath" and spray it with disinfectant.Kitty litter isn’t just for your cat any more. The stuff is made to absorb odor from your cat’s daily business, so it makes sense that it would also work to absorb odor from your trash. Not only will the liter absorb odors, it will also absorb moisture that can create odors in the future. The litter will last longer than the baking soda as well. You can leave it in the bottom of your trash can for a week or so, before it gets too moist. Once the moisture builds up, it is time to change out the litter.I have 10 cat litter boxes for our "always full" cat shelter. Over the years we have learned several things to keep the litter costs down, keep things clean, and we make our own litter boxes for some of our big cats.

First, we use large, high sided, plastic totes as litter boxes. We cut a hole in either the front or the side of the tote with a box cutter. (Be careful when using the cutter please.) These litter boxes fit our Maine Coon mixes (20 lbs. of big cat). The high sides of the boxes allow for any spraying incidents to stay within the box and keeps the litter inside the box as some cats love to really dig.

Second, we have a roll of paper towels and a cleaned, reused dishwashing soap bottle (with a hand-written label on it) filled with a mixture of bleach and water in every room of the house. The mixture is 1/8 part bleach and the rest water. The paper towels and bleach mixture take care of any accidents right away. Having these cleaning supplies within easy reach helps us keep on top of things and is very cost effective.

Third, we use cedar shavings as litter. This is the same type of litter used in small animal cages but we buy it at Wal-mart in very large, compressed bags. Cedar shavings smell wonderful, are very absorbent, have little to no dust, do not track all over the place as badly as most litter and it is bio-degradable. (A word to the wise, do not change your cats litter from one type to another all at once or you are doomed to failure. Go slow. It can take weeks or months, slowly mixing in some of the new litter to the old.) Cedar shavings are inexpensive and you'll feel how light weight the box is when compared to higher priced litter. But, you must change the box out completely about every 3-4 days. Unlike scoopable litters, shavings do not clump. On the plus side, cleaning and refilling the box is fairly easy. A trash can on wheels helps. Empty the litter box, use your handy bottle of bleach mix to clean it, wipe out with a paper towel and refill the box. Soon, you'll have this chore down to a science.

By Marie from Rosenberg, TXFor those who stick to the most popular and conventional clumping cat litter products, you are probably used to picking up clumps and disposing of them. Simply tossing them in the trash can lead to powerful cat waste smells if you let the trash sit for too long and many types of litter are not recommended to be flushed down the toilet.