Q: How do I prevent my cat from tracking litter everywhere?

Many folks find the best weapon for reducing litter tracking is a cat litter mat.
After boxes of sand, the first innovation in cat litter was the development of clay litter. This is simply dried pulverized clay, which absorbs urine and gives the cat something to bury feces with. A slotted spoon allows the pet owner to fish out the feces periodically to keep the odor down. Cats can track clay crumbs around on their paws, making sweeping up after them a constant chore.
Here are the top three best non tracking cat litter product you can buy today.
We still use clay. We love Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat. It clumps really well and it doesn’t smell. We don’t like litters that smell like cedar or pine…or Tidy Cat because it tracks so bad. Seriously, if someone could invent litter that didn’t track, they’d make millions!! Cat Litter Mat: Doggonesmart Cat Litter Mat STOPS Litter Tracking+Cats L...of How to Keep Cat Litter from Tracking was reviewed by  on May 4, 2017.- Cat Litter Furniture | :: stops cat litter tracking, keeps dogs out, kitty litterbox cabinet
Cat litter tracking problem over! This is a simple fix. $15 plastic ceiling tile grate (light diffuser). Almost all of the litter stays in the grate and not through your house. And yes, we use a tote for a litter box. Good job hubby!Don’t get me wrong. I love my cats. I am a bona fide, card-carrying Crazy Cat Lady and proud of it. In the US, cat owners are encouraged to keep their beloved companions indoors mostly because of the tremendous list of hazards that pose a threat to a cat’s safety. This means that we have to keep an indoor litter box, bringing with it all of the hassles of cleaning it. If your house is starting to resemble a beach more than it should here are some tips on how to get rid of kitty litter tracking. I love a good walk on a beach. I love the way my toes curl in the sand. It brings back such wonderful memories of days and nights spent relaxing and laughing in the summer. There is something very satisfying about looking down at sand crusted feet and knowing you spent your day well. This is the right time and a place for sand to meet up with bare feet. Sand in the home? Well, not so much. I don’t love the grit of kitty litter/sand in my house. I especially don’t like kitty litter tracking all over the beds. I don’t love stepping on a big piece of sharp litter, getting it embedded in my heel, and then imagining what the cat had just been doing to the location it came from.I adopted a kitty who is part Maine Coon. The litter box that I had been using for my other cat all of a sudden didn’t work. I was having all sorts of troubles with pee, poop, and kitty litter tracking everywhere, maybe 50% of the time in the box on a good day. Thus started the experiments of what configuration would work. I started by taking the flap off of the covered box, thinking it was too confining for my big boy. With the flap off, I could see into the box; I noticed that he couldn’t sit down properly. He was peeing on the inside of the lid. That explained why the pee was leaking out of the box. I took the top off. It became apparent that the box was still too small for his long body. I replaced the regulation litter box with a large storage tote from Target. . I didn’t cut a passage, or modify the tote in any way. It has tall sides and no lid, and has made a huge improvement in getting rid of kitty litter tracking outside of the box. To start, just give up on the notion that you will completely get rid of all of the kitty litter being tracked outside of the box. Kitties like to cover their business; it’s what they do. There will be a certain amount of pomp and circumstance that goes along with this ritual. Each kitty has a different style they bring to the litter box. Be flexible. That being said, make sure you have the right style and shape of litter box for your cat(s). Choose a litter that works for your lifestyle and, more importantly, for your cats. It will also help to have a few tools handy to help get rid of the litter when it does escape the confines of the litter box. Even if the litter does not get picked up by the cat's paws, and so does not get tracked when the cat leaves the box, it does not solve the problem of litter getting kicked out of the box.