Litter Box Tips From Your Cat Veterinarian, Frederick, Maryland

SOOO is there a GOOD clumping cat litter that puts off less dust (it MUST clump.
Odors and dust produced inside a covered litter box will remain inside, and your cat will breathe it every time he steps in. For the health of your cat, you should still use a litter that produces less dust.
if you have allergies or just want less dust in the house, you will like crystals cat litter
One of the greatest things that I have ever tried is this low dust cat litter. I like simple things. It is a known fact that the simpler the product, the better in my honest viewpoint. I only recommend products that are extremely user friendly mainly because there is less frustration and stress with such products. I have tried high priced products before and I just ended up totally wasting my money. If you would like to keep the house clean then this is perfect unless you like throwing away cash. There is no denying that this product is very effective and it is pretty versatile as well. I love that all the World's Best Cat litters are all natural, they clumb great, trap the smell much better and have so much less dust, compared to clay litters.Many cats have a less-than-ideal litter box situationDust-free litter: Litter dust may be a major factor is triggering feline asthma
Dust free cat litter provides many benefits to cats and theirowners. These include both intangible health benefits as well as thetangible benefits of a cleaner, less dusty home.To clean, remove all litter once a week, clean the box and refill. If you want to try out crystal cat litter but don't know where to start, a good brand to try is fresh step litter.


-no clumping action
- more eco briendly because it naturally bio-degradable
- this litter tends to be a bit tidier with less mess
- when it comes to fighting odor, crystals cat litter does a good job absorbing the odor and masking the undesirable odor of cat urine
- unlike many litters, you only to to completely replace this litter approximately once every month
- if you have allergies or just want less dust in the house, you will like crystals cat litter
- the manufacturer even says you can flush the litter down your toilet
- at a time when it seems like everything around us is toxic to our health, crystals are said to be non-toxic

As the cat litter industry began to expand about 20 years ago,manufacturers looked beyond clay for absorbent cat box fillers. Amongthe materials developed as litter box filler were wheat, corn, pinewood, recycled newspapers, citrus pulp and silica gel. All haveexcellent absorbing properties, they clump well to make box cleaningeasier, and they provide some degree of odor control. Many of them areflushable and biodegradable, which reduces the amount of waste sent tolandfills. Best of all, these natural litters are less dusty thantraditional clay litters.I'm new here. I have 2 kitties. I'm currently using Fresh Step cat litter. I can't stand it!! It is the dustiest litter I've ever used. The dust gets everywhere!! Can anyone recommend a litter that's less dusty and not made from paper??There are actually some health benefits due to using crystals litter. The lack of dust is a plus for cat owners with asthma or allergies to dust. There is also less change of bacteria and molds growing in litter crystals. It is a CLUMPING litter. It is much less dusty than your typical "fresh-step, tidy-cat, etc..". It does pretty well for odor control, but we clean very frequently due to having multiple multiple cats.