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Keep odors under control with Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Lightweight Complete Odor Sealing Cat Litter. Finally, a lightweight litter that doesn?t act lightweight. Now revolutionary odor control comes in a lightweight litter that?s easy to carry, pour, and store. The liter features 7-day odor control, guaranteed 50% lighter than our regular litters 100% dust-free formula. The breakthrough odor control kitty litter formula destroys pet waste odors on contact, helping you to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Clumping cat litter makes clean up fast and easy.
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The most popular types of kitty litter are clumping clay litters, one reason being the price; they're drastically less expensive than many of the other types available, such as natural, biodegradable cat litter. Most are effective at controlling odors -- a key concern for owners when choosing a litter -- and they make cleaning out the litter box much more painless. However, most consist of fine-grained clays, which can be dusty or even tracked throughout the house by a cat. Fine-grained cat litter isn't appropriate for kittens under 3 months old, as the small particles can get into their respiratory tract. Clay-based cat litter isn't biodegradable and should never, ever be flushed down the toilet for disposal. Odor-control, tracking, and dust are three areas of concern for cat litter manufacturers.Many mass market cat litters contain significant amounts of silica dust which has ..Okocat Natural Dust Free Cat Litter offers long lasting odor control in a dust-free formula
Cat box fillers can be categorized into two types: conventional and clumping. Although the size of the granules varies, conventional cat box filler can be described as gravel-like in texture. Most brands claim to be dust-free or dust-reduced and to have a deodorizing agent. With conventional litter, the contents of the cat box must be discarded every time the box is cleaned in order to ensure that the cat has a thoroughly fresh supply of litter. Another way to reduce the dust levels in your home is to use acovered litter box. Any dust kicked up by your cat’s scratching willstay in the box, rather than being circulated in the air. Adding an aircleaner or air filter to the room that contains the litter box can alsohelp reduce the amount of airborne dust. Inventors like Theodore Kiebke are trying new materials to develop a better cat box filler. As an alternative to the traditional clay cat litter, he invented "wheat litter," which clumps, does not contain silica dust, and does not track. He experimented with different flours and corn starches before he hit upon durum wheat, which is used to make pasta. He mixed it with regular clay litter, and, after a few refinements, wheat cat litter was created. The product is billed as non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, almost dust free (and totally free of silica dust), scoopable, odorless, and has minimal tracking problems. It is best to choose clumping litter for your kitten to use because it doesn’t create a dust cloud, and many brands using natural ingredients such as renewable and high quality whole-kernel corn and more, instead of artificial materials. One of the most trusted litters for your kitten is the Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats.
Purchasing a litter with a natural corn-based formula, free of silica and/or synthetics will ensure your kitten won’t be harmed if it indirectly eats the litter. Also, as stated above, products containing no dust and without using dust-reducing agents, will not affect your cat’s respiratory system or digestive health. If you're looking for an all-natural cat litter that's effective, biodegradable and affordable, experts and owners alike say Feline Pine is worth considering. Not every reviewer is sold on pellet litters like this one, and even fans say its best when paired with a special litter pan, but Feline Pine is free from hazardous chemicals, does a great job of controlling odors, and is relatively dust free. Small differences in cat litter can make a world ofdifference in your cat’s litter box usage. Clumping clay litters have, in myexperience, provided the right balance of owner-usability and cat-preference,but not all are created equal. Far too many litters have additives to helpcontrol odors, plus they create lots of dust and/or don’t clump well. Dr. Elseymakes the following claims, which is why I decided to give a try: