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Mar 28, 2006 - To dispose of new or unused brake fluid, pour it into a container of cat litter
Referring now in more detail to the drawings, in which like numerals indicate like parts throughout the several views, FIGS. 1-7 illustrate the disposable pet utility system 10 comprising a generally rectangular collector or container 11. FIGS. 1 and 2 show the preferred embodiment of the housing or container 11 in its collapsed post-manufactured state, whereby the container is formed of a tubular 8 sheet of material 9. The tubular sheet of material has a seam 12, which connects the longitudinal edges of the sheet material and holds the sheet of material in a tubular shape 8, and a tab 14 is formed on the seam 12 which is the longitudinal axis of the tube 8. The ends of the tubular container are folded and pasted to form closed ends 15 and 16, which are a valved closure 18 with a cover flap 19 attached over the valved closure 18. The valved closure 18 comprises opposite and opposed folds 17 at the ends 15 and 16. The cover flap 19 further reinforces the closure and provides a more rigid configuration when the container 11 is erected (FIG. 6) and its top wall is opened (FIG. 7). Laterally extending creases 20 and 21 are formed adjacent and parallel to the cover flap 19 so that when the container is erected for use, inner and outer creases 22 and 24 are also formed on each corner of the ends 15 and 16 for allowing the container to collapse as shown in FIGS. 1 and 2.
Lasts up to 2 Months with 1 Cat! Cat Litter Disposal System; Contains 3-Standard Refills | 14 ft Each. Refill container made from 50% recycled material.
In the prior art, various cat litter box cleaning devices are known which facilitate the removal of cat waste from the litter box. One such apparatus is disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 4,190,525 to MenZel. Such an apparatus is shown in FIG. 16 of the instant application. In this device, a trough shaped container 104 is provided with a curved bottom surface and an open top. In operation and in order to remove cat waste from the litter, a screen member 122 is provided which scrapes along the bottom curved surface of the litter box and sifts through the litter while retaining the larger waste particulate matter. The means for providing movement of the screen member 122 through the litter is a crank mechanism 112 mounted on a container 104 which includes a crankshaft 114, and crank handle 118. The crank mechanism is rotatable through a full 360° radius and when the cat's waste has been sifted out by screen member 122, the screen member 122 can be removed from the crank mechanism 112 and carried to a disposal, such as a waste basket or toilet. Description. Litter Genie Standard Refill Cat Litter Disposal System. Lasts up to two months with one cat! 14 ft. Refill container made from 50% recycled material.Find the best cat litter and waste disposal method that's right for you and your petChoosing a Cat Litter Disposal System | Blog - Lucky Champ
You may ask yourself why you even need a special system just for throwing away your cat’s waste. It’s a good question, but let’s look at the alternative. Without a designated container for cat litter disposal, you have to toss your cat’s waste into the garbage can you use for everything else. Yeah, the one in your kitchen. Near your food… gross! And that also means that every time you go to throw something away, you’re hit in the face with a cloud of undesirable odor.Pouring leftover paint down the drain is a big no-no and unfortunately not all municipalities are set up to accept cans containing paint remnants for disposal. You can turn paint into a solid waste by mixing a few inches of cat litter into the can. Allow it to sit uncovered until the litter has absorbed all the liquid and the paint is hardened. Be sure and follow your district's local guidelines for proper disposal by then placing the can in either the recycle bin or your regular trash can.