Commercial for Control cat litter. Recorded in 1990.

Your cat may be pee-shy around strongly scented commercial litter.
I saw her in a Cat’s Pride commercial last night while I was watching Pretty Little Liars and did a double-take. She’s long been rumored to be , but kitty litter?!
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Funny Cat Litter Commercial, CPR - #animals #animal #pet #cat #cats #cute #pets #animales #tagsforlikes #catlover #funnycats Recorded from television on 9-15-2013, ID TV. Published for Tracy, the crazy cat lady! - #Cats Fresh Step Cat Litter Commercial AdvertisementFresh Step Cat Litter Commercial AdvertisementWas that Katherine Heigl in cat litter commercial? Or do I not know who Katherine Heigl is?
The commercial doesn’t say anything about a piece of the profits going to the charity that Katherine Heigl started with and named after her late brother. But a rep for Cat’s Pride said in a statement that some of the money made from the sales of the company’s Fresh & Light Ultimate Care litter is going to her charity. via If you’ve ever wanted to watch the light leave Katherine Heigl’s eyes, check out her new cat litter commercial below. Or any of the other ones featuring Heigl on their YouTube channel.I’m sure no one smells glasses filled with cat urine or pops grains of cat littler into their mouth and eats them in this cat littler commercial.This commercial shows a girl coming home from school to her mom. She asks what's different about the house and her mom tells her it's the walnut smell. Blue Naturally Fresh cat litter is made with walnuts which gives the litter a great smell. This commercial talks about how Blue Naturally Fresh cat litter is made from walnut shells which helps neutralize litter odors better than other leading brands.Clay containing sodium bentonite is one of the primary ingredients in most commercial cat litters. Bentonite clay can absorb about as much moisture as its original mass. Some organizations and individuals have voiced concern over the potential health hazard that this substance poses to humans as well as cats and other pets, although little definitive proof has been offered. Sodium bentonite itself is toxic and is linked to animal deaths, according to the Greyhound Companions of New Mexico.Kitty litter is practically a staple for any cat owner, right alongside bread, butter and milk. There are no set ingredient list or "recipe" for commercial cat litter, although most varieties contain several common substances that increase absorbency, mask odors and allow the litter to clump more efficiently.Of course, not all kitty litter contains the aforementioned common ingredients. In fact, natural and organic litters may contain none of them at all. Sand, gravel and dirt can all function as cat litter without other additives, and some owners prefer these substances over commercial brands. Shredded paper, wood pulp and even whole corn kernels are organic, biodegradable alternatives to other varieties.