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have older cats a better understanding of their litter box issues and treatment options.
Ideally, your cat’s litter box will be tucked into a remote corner of your home. In the case of this design, it will literally be tucked into the corner. The shape of this pan allows you to utilize the depth of a room corner to save a little space. The large face of the box contains a sturdy door, which is removable if your cats don’t like it. The low step might be good for older cats, but does increase the likelihood of tracking or spilling. Still, you can get the clever corner construction for less than the simple Catit option. This litter box comes in green or gray and measures 22 inches by 17.7 inches by 17.12 inches.
If you want to get only one automatic litter box for your 3 cats the Litter Robot and CatGenie are the best options.
Square hi-back litter box with one low side: Good for rabbits with arthritis or other conditions which make hopping into a box difficult. You can also use a utility knife to cut down one side of a regular cat litter box and cover the rough edges with split clear plastic tubing like you might use to bunny-proof wires. Another option for invalid rabbits is just a layer of artificial lambs wool or sheepskin to wick away the urine. It is important to keep these special needs rabbits clean and dry. To save you time I will compare the options on the market for automatic cat litter boxes and how they would perform with 2, 3 or more cats.In addition to the above, here are a few more options for adding a cat litter box cover to your existing box.Even if you have one cat, a litter box option on every floor is recommended. After all, we usually have a toilet on every level now don't we?
To encourage the best litter box etiquette from your cats, try to choose the litter box options that your cat likes the most and not necessarily what you prefer. If you are looking for a place to start, many cats seem to like smaller-grained litter in uncovered boxes. There are many attractive furniture litter box options. The goal of the furniture litter box is to hide the fact that you have a litter box in your home. These cat bathrooms typically have a door or a hinged lid that allows for easy access to the box for cleaning along with a hidden entrance for your cats. While these boxes can be quite nice, it is imperative that the litter be scooped at least daily. The inside of these boxes can become quite messy and some are just too small, so make sure there is ample room inside for your cat’s comfort.The basic litter box has been a tried and true restroom for cats since the advent of the litter box. This option is the least expensive of all litter boxes on the market. The basic litter box is nothing more than a plastic box that you can optionally put a plastic hood on (for privacy and odor guard) and can use with or without a plastic bag liner. Operating this box simply requires you to scoop out waste once or twice a day. The box should be about twice the size of your cat so that she has room to maneuver. The key to keeping odor to a minimum is frequent scooping with a sealed disposal system (covered, lined barrel). A new company called has a new twist on the basic litter box that makes cleanup a snap. While more expensive than a basic box ($49.95) it may be something to consider.The electronic litter box attempts to completely automate the process of litter removal. Options in this class have automatic rakes, spinning domes, and even some that dissolve waste and expel the remains via your existing toilet/plumbing. While some of these can work quite well, it really depends on how fastidious your cats are. If your cats tend to spray on the side walls of litter boxes or not bury their waste, these solutions can become clogged and will often breakdown. Check the reviews on some of the more sophisticated litter machines like , , and to see if any of these boxes will work for you. These litter boxes are the most expensive and can run up to $500.Litter boxes might not be the most zen part of your decor, or the cleanest, but there are options to step up your cleanliness game with your cat’s bathroom. It doesn’t have to be an eyesore either.There are other options. The LitterMaid Elite Mega is one of them. If you have large cats or many cats, this may be for you. It is also self-cleaning. There is a sensor that detects when cat waste is present and the box waits for 10 minutes after the cat exits the litter box to rake the waste away. And yes, there's built-in safety for your cat to prevent being harmed or startled during the cleaning cycle. Your cat's waste material is raked into a container for you to dispose of when full.