Pidan Snow House Igloo Cat Litter Box - Red Dot Design Award Winner

Curious cat before the lovely cat litter box
We use covered and uncovered litter boxes in order for the cats to have a choice and not out of any convenience to the humans. All the boxes are cleaned twice daily and then thoroughly scrubbed out and the old litter dumped and replaced with fresh litter every two weeks. We do not, however, use covered boxes with a door flap. In our household, the covered boxes are used as often as the uncovered litter boxes. Three of our covered boxes are large and “igloo” shaped and the cats seem to really like them as there is enough room to adequately position oneself . One of the covered litter boxes is accessed from the top and Levon especially likes that one. Our uncovered boxes are also the largest size and were chosen in an attempt to eliminate any possible bullying around the use of litter boxes which on the aside, is not a problem here. We have eight boxes used by four cats situated in different locations and all are used equally/daily Hope this helps!
A Gift to Cat - Igloo Cat Litter Box by Pidan — Kickstarter
The Booda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box is perfect for the cat that wants privacy and for the humans that don’t want to look at litter and its contents. Resembling an igloo cat litter box, it’s extra large for big felines and cats enter through a doorway that turns into the litter pan. The circular design keeps the litter out of view of humans making it a good choice for apartments and other small living spaces where finding a pleasant spot for the litter box is a challenge. The charcoal filter helps with reducing litter box smells. On favorite feature of humans are the textured steps the cat must walk on to enter and leave the box. These steps remove litter and waste bits from kitty’s paws on his way out of the box. If you have a medium to large dog, this is also because it’s difficult for them to put their head all the way into the box. A Gift to Cat - Igloo Cat Litter BoxIgloo - Cat litter box - maison de toilette pour chat - of Pidan StudioIn July 2016, Igloo Cat Litter Box of pidan studio was awarded the price of Red Dot Design Award 2016 !
Cats are wonderful pets to have, but cleaning their litter box is the part that many cat owners don’t particularly like. As a solution, many companies have come up with innovative cat litter boxes, including igloo cat litter box which are meant to minimize the odor inside the house asIgloo Cat Litter Box is the first product of , a startup company specialize in product design for indoor cats. Inspired by the Eskimo snow house, I try to solve some problems in the process of raising cat in an elegant way which offers a much more pleasant living experience for both cats and cat lovers. Yes, we have an enormous selection of boxes in so many shapes and sizes. Some boxes look like furniture. Some look like plastic igloos (“Nanook of the Litter Scoop”). Some boxes look like a Rube Goldberg invention with so many twists and turns you wonder how the cat will ever extricate itself. I do have a few I can recommend, having personal experience with them. The most important factor is: if the cat is happy and is using it. All the other factors (is the owner happy) are secondary.The round shape of Igloo Litter Box makes it large enough for average cats to comfortably turn around and dig. The wide entrance allows cats within 7kg to walk through easily. It is one of the largest product of its kind.Launched in January 2016, Igloo has got a lot of positive feedback. The product is now available in the in China. Igloo Cat Litter Box won "Red Dot" award in June 2016.From the start of entrance, there is a grill to prevent spilling of sand in home. As the cat walks over it, sand and litter particles cling onto paws of the kittens fall down and this way helps in keeping the home clean. The Igloo cat litter box is made of PP resin materials from Taiwan and Inopure anti-bacterial materials from Japan that keep the structure lightweight and safer for cats.