Booda Dome Covered Cat Litter Box

Litter Boxes 100411: Booda Dome Covered Cat Litter Box Pearl - BUY IT NOW ONLY: $30.24 on eBay!
SaniSolution cartridges are priced around $25 per cartridge and each cartridge needs to be replaced every 2 months of use, This can get a little expensive and the best practice is to buy bulk 1 year supply of SaniSolution as it is much cheaper and get more value for you money. If you own kitten(s) I highly recommend in purchasing the CatGenie Dome to protect your cat from jumping in the unit during the cleaning cycle, I also highly recommend the dome as it will stop your cat from kicking litter out of the litter box.
Booda Dome Step Cat Litter Box Gray
It also controls odor and keeps litter from splashing out of the box. The front of the box is open so cats can easily go in and out. When it is time to clean the litter box or put it in storage, just undo the clips to remove the dome. Petmate Cat Litter Box Dome Clean Step Ramp Catches Litter Charcoal Filter Large #BoodaTreat your cat to clean, odor-free privacy with the Booda Dome Covered Litter Box. It comes with a large charcoal filter fitted riBooda Dome Step Cat Litter Box Iris Buy 2 Get 1 FREE! | Cyber Monday Price: $35.99 ea. from $44.99 (Limit 1 at this Offer)
The Booda cat litter box line, with its innovative dome cover design, has several models, including one with a paw cleaning ramp to prevent litter tracking.CLICK FOR WIKI ►►

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ScoopFree Ultra Self-CleaningThe Booda Cleanstep litter box takes the Booda Dome to the next level by including both a cover and a paw cleaning ramp inside the box itself. This dramatically reduces the amount of litter scatter and the litter stuck in little furry paws that makes its way into your carpet or bed. Cleanstep Bodda Domed Litter Box, Covered For Privacy & Cleanliness, Built In Ramp Helps Eliminate Escaping Litter & Keeps Cat's Paws Clean, 99% Odor Free, 50% Bigger Than Your Average Cat Litter Box, Built In Handle, Includes 1 Charcoal Filter & 1 Liner. Booda Dome Covered Cat Litter Box PearlThe BOODA Dome was designed for cleanliness as well as privacy. This covered litter box comes in a variety of metallic and pearlescent colors which blend harmoniously with any home's decor. Each litter box...Another unique approach is this Booda litter dome. To enter or exit this litter box, cats must traverse a stairway, which ensures that litter can’t be sprayed when digging and significantly cuts down tracking. While the shape presents challenges when using traditional liners or scoops, the absence of a flapping door that doesn’t just exit directly onto your floor could make up for that. The overall structure measures 20 inches by 24 inches by 19 inches and comes in this Brushed Nickel color, as well as Pearl and Titanium, though the price seems to vary depending on which of these you choose.Booda Dome Step Cat Litter Box PearlThe BOODA Cleanstep was designed for cleanliness as well as privacy. Your cat will appreciate the seclusion and you will enjoy the benefits of a 99 odorfree litter box. The builtin, elevated ramp helps eliminate...We love our cats, but we surely don't love the sanitation issues they create (p-eww!), nor are we fond of the designs of most of the kitty litter boxes out on the market. We've got an affordable and decent duo of the Booda Dome and Charlie's Box for out cats. But there are some other aesthetic options out on store shelves (or online) for you to actively hide or even show off what normally is a decor eyesore at an assortment of prices, some with unique features. Check out our top ten list below the jump...