So, without further ado, buy me these top 10 cat toys, peeps.

So what are you waiting for? Love up your cat and buy him or her some much deserved toys for 2015!
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In no particular order, here are 10 easy DIY cat toys you can make with items around your house.
Gail writes, “It breaks my heart that my three-year-old cat doesn’t play much at all. I try tossing balls up the stairs and sometimes she will paw them so that they roll back down to me; most times, however, she just sits there looking at me. I tried catnip toys and she has little interest. I’ve tried pulling strings, and still no go. She tends to watch me more than play. Learn how to pick, or make, the best toys for your cat or kitten and even how to play alongHere are some household items that make great cat toys:So that's it - what do you think about our top cat toys? Have you decided to grab one?
Does your cat inspire you? My cat inspired me to create some homemade catnip filled cat toys. I'll teach you how to make them, including how to do the blanket stitch! #ad #MyCatMyMuseWho doesn't want to spoil their favorite feline? Now you can without spending lots of cash or being super crafty with these 15 EASY diy cat toys!Not every toy or gimmick that’s being marketed to today’s cat companions are toys that felines will necessarily respond to. So if you’re tired of trial and error, or are just interested in discovering what experts say are the best cat toys, then here’s a quick rundown of what cats really enjoy playing with, and why.Not all cat toys are created equal in terms of safety. Once your cat is finished batting the toy back and forth, they may decide to hold it down and gnaw on it for a while. For this reason, it is a good idea to remove anything small that is attached to a toy, like eyes or small bits of fabric or ribbon, prior to giving the toy to your cat.There are many fantastic toys available for cats at your local grocery store or pet specialty shop. As mentioned above, cats are individuals with their own individual tastes and not all of them will respond to the same toys. You may have to try out several toys until you get the kind of enthusiastic response you are looking for.Cats — especially indoor cats — need lots of entertainment that hones in on their natural hunting instinct. Bored cats can get in a lot of trouble, from peeing in the wrong place to scratching your favorite furniture or knocking everything off your kitchen counters. If you provide your cats with fun toys that let them tap into their inner hunter, they’ll be much happier and you’ll be happier too. Here’s our guide to 10 toys that your cat will absolutely love. There are toys on the market that use sound to engage your cat’s natural instincts, and some that use texture (on the surface of the toy and within) to get your cat excited. There are still others that work by engaging their tracking instinct visually (if you’ve ever played with a cat using a laser pointer you know this already).Some cats are too smart for their own good and need an interactive toy that really exercises their brain muscles. That’s where toys like the come in handy. This box is made of wood and holds toys or catnip inside a box that’s full of holes. Hide toys in different parts of the box and let your cat fish the toys out. You can use the two balls that come with the box or add your own, like .