when the hamster is in his ball running towards the cat,

Why do cats love small spaces like boxes and hamster balls? Watch a scientist explain
We all know that cats love boxes, but what about hamster balls? Judging from this video, kittens love them! After completing their core vaccinations, these 11-week-old kittens, Muffin, Bun Bun and Ducky, were rewarded with the plastic globes, and they couldn't cuddle in and roll around enough.
This is my brave hamster Luigi chasing my cat Poomba in his hamster ball! hahaha
Muffin, Bun Bun, and Ducky have fun in hamster balls, sometimes getting two kittens in one ball. The mother cat is named Tiger, and she's not quite sure if this is a good idea, but she takes it in stride eventually. -via This is the BEST CAT TOY! My kittens LOVE the hamster balls!! Abyssinian kittens are so entertaining!!at least my cat does not try and bat the ball around, he just runs close looks in and runs away when the hamster starts chasing him.5pcs/set Pet cat toy line elastic ball cat toy natural catnip ball menthol pet ball toys cat hamster ball trap pet products dogs
With so much fun it’s no wonder everyone would like to try zorbing. But what can you do if you are a cat? Nobody will take a tiny cat to a zorb… Does not matter – if you are an inventive cat, you will find a way to duplicate the experience of zorbing. This cat had the ingenuity and he simply used a hamster ball to emulate the experience of zorbing. It looks like he is having fun too!This is a picture of a cat in a giant hamster ball (which I guess is actually a regular size cat ball). I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume the head doesn't stay balanced on top if the cat runs inside the thing. I'm going to assume all of this came together solely to take this picture. Mission accomplished! Now toss some catnip in that ball and lets see what happens. SPOILER: pure Youtube gold. And now…. here’s your “Cat Stuck In A Hamster Ball” video of the day! Someone mixed a great K-EARTH 101 classic to go along with it!The Cat in a Hamster Ball Equivalency: The point where actions taken to get out of a situation and actions causing one to get further into the situation seem to be indistinguishable.This is a silly video of Tom Tom the kitten crawling into a hamster ball and getting stuck there. He’s just left to roll around for a while until he discovers his tail. What a world we live in! First kittens in hamster balls, but what’s next? Hamsters on catnip? Because okay, that… is something I would definitely watch.Maru sees what looks like a larger version of a hamster ball. There are two holes. The first thing he does is stick his head in and try to get in. That only serves to have him push the ball around on the floor. If he lifts his head up, he’ll look like an astronaut with a pink helmet. There are plenty of air slits for those who are worried he might get in trouble. Hana, the other cat wanders over and sniffs the ball and looks at Maru like, “Dude… what are you doing?” before wandering off.