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10 Cats In Shark Costumes...need to do this with Blackie and Lilly next halloween..@Alexa Oswald
13. : This punny kitty is dressed up in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. We think he does such a fine impersonation that a name-change for the holiday should be considered — “St. Catty’s Day” sounds about right. This costume is purr-fect for Halloween too. (via )
Halloween Inspiration Cats In Costume!
This may sound like a good thing but for a or timid cat, the last thing he wants is to have everyone giving him direct stares and trying to interact with him. In the animal world, a direct stare is a sign of a challenge. The cat who looks adorable in his Halloween costume may actually be enduring tremendous stress as family members and guests intrude upon his personal space and force unwanted interaction. 30 Hilarious And Inventive Cat Costumes For Halloween #Cats #Halloween15 hilarious cats in costumes kitty potter costume30 Hilarious And Inventive Cat Costumes For Halloween #Cats #Halloween
One pissed off kitty!!! It's from the fun collection of cat costumes in ....Ghoul For Cats: The Top 10 Freakiest Scariest Halloween Cat CostumesCat Wedding: 1914 // 1914. "Kittens in costume as bride and groom, being married by third kitten in ecclesiastical garb." Photo by Harry W. Frees.12 Cats Thrilled to Be Dressed in Geeky Costumes: The canines and humans of the world have their costumes set for Halloween, but how could we forget the most important member of the household (and the entire Internet) — the cat.FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM! This hilarious minions costume is adorable in person and will make your cat and dog look adorable. Available in many sizes no matter what size your pet is! See siCats in Halloween costumes are adorable. From lobster outfits to a scuba cat that's ready to go diving for its own fish, I can't get enough of these adorabAs everybody with an internet connection knows, dressing up cats is a year-round occupation. But, this time of year, it’s especially apparent. Some people are very creative about dressing up their kitties. Others… aren’t. But, if you google “cats in costumes” you’ll get pages and pages and pages of images. These are the ones that jumped out at me.So this week, it’ll be cats in costume! On November 5, these haunting beauties will most likely be at Pet Food Express for the pet adoption event (see Mark Your Calendars)—only because they’re there now and may have gone to a forever home by then. But there will definitely be more! Costumes not included, by the way. In general, cats are a bit finicky about the way they are handled. Many become afraid if clothing or hats are placed on them. A fearful cat may scratch or bite the person dressing them. Alternatively, cats may crouch down and become almost immobile with clothes; essentially freezing in place. They may not move around normally, and this can affect their eating, drinking, and elimination (they may stop doing all of those things or they may urinate or defecate outside of the litter box). A cat that is acting in one or more of these manners is feeling stress. This cat may enjoy the holidays more without a costume.Halloween is coming up, and the rest of the holiday season will follow fast in its footsteps. These are festive, joyful times and, as cat-lovers, we want to include our feline family members in the celebration. Adorable pictures of cats dressed as flowers, pumpkins, witches, and Ewoks plaster our social media pages, and we all want to share special images of our own sweet kitties. But are costumes for cats a good idea?When you open your door to trick-or-treaters this year, as every year before, you’ll not only see children dressed up, but many adults as well. Not to be outdone, many dog parents will also adorn their precious pooches with the latest in Halloween canine fashion. And, although you probably won’t see any costumed cats strolling the streets, rest assured, there will be plenty of felines enduring the costume ritual as well.