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But not any more. The ‘birdcage cat bed’ is ready for a napping kitty.
Above all you will want to make sure your bird has a secure cage. Kittens, and especially more mature cats, will launch themselves at a cage and can easily knock it down. Although you will be working with your cat so it does not show interest in the bird there is no guarantee of success so it is up to you to guarantee the bird is relatively safe. Bigger cages offer more security and are better for birds in general.
Where is the bird? The "innocent" cat in the bird cage says - I don't know.
Huge cat with an actual white mustachio comes to eat a bird in a cage A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family. Juste pour rire les gags, l'émission de caméra caché la plus comique de la télé! But not any more. The ‘birdcage cat bed’ is ready for a napping kitty.But not any more. The ‘birdcage cat bed’ is ready for a napping kitty.Cat & Bird Cage Hanging on Tree Figurine Spun/ Blown ART GLASS 7" Tall.
A cartoon of a cat sitting in a bird cage, with a sign attached that says "bird-seed and water for ten days." A young girl stands underneath the cage.If You Have a Cat or Dog, and they get close enough to paw at or pounce on your bird's cage, they can literally scare your bird to death. Birds can and do get heart attacks as well as strokes from a sudden, severe fright and from sudden excessive stress. It's impossible to hide a birdcage from a cat or dog because birds are loud, vocal animals. They also leave their scent around the house by shedding feathers and feather dust. This scent can be traced by both cats and dogs due to their keen sense ofsmell. There are some common sense measures that you can take to protect your bird and to help preventaccidents and sudden frights. Purchase a strong, heavy cage that is on asturdy stand, and place the cage away from tables and chairs so cats and dogs can not get higheror closer to your bird. Both cats and dogs can knock over cages, causing the bird to panic, fluttering around in the cage, possibly breaking blood feathers and fragile bones in the wings.Man's Best Friend-, has some behaviors that can hurt or kill birds as well. Birds are not safe around some types of hunting dogs, like the Siberian Husky or Irish Setter. These 3 species in particular are known for having killed squirrels, outdoor cats and pet birds. Other dogs that are family pets enjoying chewing on objects like stuffed animals, tennis balls and rubber bones. Dogs also like chasing things that move in the air like wooden sticks or Frisbees, then jumping up into the air tocatch the objects with their teeth. A flying birdcan be snatched by a jumping dog's open mouth in a heartbeat, resulting in a bird being crushed to death by a dog's very powerful jaw and sharp teeth. Sometimes friendly, enthusiastic dogs like to jump up and stand against bird cages as a form of greeting or to get a better view out of curiosity. Because of their massive body weight, a bird's cage can be knocked down and the bird mayescape then if the dog pounces or hits the bird with a paw, a bird's fragile, hollow bones may break. Dogs that are running or playing in the same room can accidentally knock down the cage too. To prevent your bird's cage from falling over, avoid rough play that may excite your dog and don't allow dogs to run around in the same roomthat the cage is in. The best way to prevent an accident is to never allow your bird out of the cage when a dog is in the room.Protect Your Bird from being seriously injured, disabled for life orkilled by a cat or dog. No matter how old, friendly or uninterested they are in your birds, cats kill birds and so do dogs. Believe that the worst can happen to your bird too and that your cat or dog, as much as you adore them, can kill your bird if conditions are right. Teach your children about the hazards of sharing a home with a cat,dog and a bird. Children should learn to love and respect all animals and they should not punish or be angry with one animal for behavior that is instinctive. If a cat or dog kills a bird it's not the animal's fault. From my experience with bird owners over the past several years, in every single case, the accidental death of a much loved bird was the fault of a devoted, devastated and guilt ridden bird owner. They either didn't heed the warnings about not allowing birds to interact with cats and dogs or they simply forgot toclose the cage door or they forget that the bird was out of the cage. The only way to protect our birds from getting hurt by cats and dogs is to keep them away from our birds away from them. The golden rule for people who own cats or dogs and birds should be this. "When in doubt, don't let the bird out because it's always better to be safe than sorry."