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If you need extreme flexibility in your pet carrier, consider this unit. Designed as a backpack, rolling bag, and car seat, this carrier can do it all. While the odd shape may mean it won’t work on airlines, the flexibility of the different transportation modes makes it useful for other trips, including hiking or camping. This also has slightly more vertical space than other carriers so your pet can sit up during travel. It’s available in Black, Ocean Blue, and Sage. This is a good choice for a novel approach to cat carriers.
$27.00 NEW Folding Pet Carrier Dog Cat Travel Bag Collapsible Crate Tote Handbag
Timetuu BUY Hands-Free dog Carrier Sling Soft Zipped POCKET Waterproof BAG for Small Dogs Cat Rabbit Pets Puppies. Reversible double-sided tote Pouch comfortable shoulder carry Travel kitty puppy Pet Travel Bag Folding EVA Soft-sided Dog Cat Carrier Travel Cage Airline Approved Handbag pink3-Size-SML-Black-Oxford-Cloth-Sling-Pet-Dog-Cat-Carrier-Tote-Single-Shoulder-BagDog Cat Carry Bag Waterproof Sling Carrier UK Flag design Small Pet Puppy Carriers Backpack
OWNPETS Pet Sling Carrier Small Dog Cat Sling Pet Carrier Bag Safe, Comfortable, Reversible, Machine Washable ,Double-sided Pouch Shoulder Carry Tote Handbag Small Pet Carrier for Pets below 6.6 LBI love my Cat-in-a-bag carrier! The vet techs always comment on how awesome it is each time I bring in my cat for a visit. My cat was always very difficult to get in a cat carrier and often fought to stay inside it once at the vet’s office. Now it is much easier to get her ready to go in this, no more scratches for me!The cats were another story. They would be in a 24 x 36 dog crate for the journey. This would give them enough room to lay about and still fit a litter box in the same crate. Getting them from the vehicle to the hotel room would be a challenge, though. They might dash when the crate door opened, or squirm out of our arms while being carried to the hotel room. This is where Cat in the Bag came in handy for a cat travelling in a car.The bag is made of tightly woven cotton, is soft on the cat, and it will not rip or tear. The cloth handle attached to the bag is solid and long enough to put over your shoulder. This made carrying multiple cats easy for me. The bag carrier does not add any weight to the cat and is not as awkward to carry as the crate. The cat does not slide or scrabble back and forth like he would in a crate — the hammock-like bag keeps him in one spot-which made it easy for me.The Cat in the Bag took the stress out of the equation of . A cat does not fight the bag carrier like he fights a crate. When your cat is in his Cozy Comfort Carrier, his head stays outside the bag so you can hold him, pet him and calm him. He doesn’t feel isolated or trapped. The loose, soft cotton bag gives him plenty of room to stretch, sit up, stand up, lay down and curl up. And with his head outside of the bag he does not feel confined. Cats can take off with a view in this carrier which comes in a variety of colors and styles. It's available as a shoulder bag, a rolling suitcase, and two types of backpack. Kitty can get fresh air in any of the models via multiple netted screens. The Cat in the Bag is a great way to move cats without the stress of a traditional cat carrier, and the Cat in the Bag can be used for so much more. Giving your cat medicine, dental care, nail trimming, and even baths are much easier when the cat is in the bag. Have you ever given a cat a bath? In my experience – they don’t like it. Cat in the Bag makes the process easy. You can soap them up, wash them, and rinse them thoroughly while they are in the bag. And you get the job done without getting scratched!If there’s one thing modern life teaches us – there’s no need to give up on almost anything. So when you go out with your pet you can look stylish than ever with this beautiful carrier. This is one of the most elegant, sophisticated you’d ever see. We could and should enjoy the benefit of what this bag has to offer, and feel great about the way we look with our dog or cat. There’s a reason why it is called the Paris carrier, as it is all style.