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Hooded Cat Litter Tray and Carrier by Igloo (Online Only) | Pets at Home.
This ia a wonderfull kit for your cat / kitten keeps them fresh, cosy and entertained. Kit consist of the following items. Savic hooded litter tray and charcoal filter for keeping unwanted smells at bay (Litter tray dimensions) 56cm x 39cm x 35.5cm. Hooded cat house or cat igloo depending on the choice made both are made with superior materials and will not look out of place with any furniture. 2 x stainless steel bowls with non stick bottom to stop them from slipping around the floor. Cheese shaped toy and ball & mouse teaser for fun with your cat (Size of toy) Width : 26cm, Depth : 8cm Approx Cat Teaser : 35cm Approx. Cat sisal scratching post with top podium this is a grat place for your cat to lounge and scratch the sisal to keep length of nails down (Size) Size Guide : Height 47cm, base 33cm by 33cm , Nest 30cm by 30cm. Cat scratching board and bag of catnip. Bag of balls and trats for the cat. 1 x Pink fish shaped teaser on elastic. 1 x LED (Laser Pen) which projects images for your cat to chase. 1 x (Pink) reflective safety cat collar that is suitable for kittens and cats. 1 x (Pink) double sided heart ID tag to place on the cats collar this can have the cats name on one side and the adress on the other or contact details (Please do not try and fit too much on) Amazon message us with what you would like on the ID tag and it will be engraved onto it. If we have not heard anything in two days from the set been purchased we will send out the kit with a blank tag. If you have any questions or queries please get in touch with us via Amazon messgaing
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Cat / Kitten Starter Kit This starter kit is top of the range and will not be beaten on price. Get all your new arrivals needs in one place and be guaranteed that you are getting a great price. All the items when bought separately comes up to over £75 so grab yourself a bargain. When choosing the starter kit please pick from the dropdown menu you have 3 choices of beds (Pink House, brown House, and grey Igloo) if you do not specify a colour of collar via Amazon messaging we will send the colour that is shown in the picture. Also the collars will come with an engraved ID tag that is the same colour as the collar specified please could you send us the details you would like on the collar (Front of Tag) Animals Name (Back of Tag) Home Address & Contact telephone number. Item Specifics 1 x grey hooded litter tray , 1 x Cat Scratching Post, 1 X Collar & Double Sided ID tag, Cheese Shaped activity centre, Choice of Cat Igloo, Double Sided Brush, Cat Teaser, Pack Of balls, feeding Mat & two Bowls. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to Amazon message us. 11 Litter Trays - Igloo Cat Loo Eco Disposable Tray Liner 5packcat / kitten starter kit hooded litter tray, house or igloo ..Product of the Week Cat Igloo, a 2 in 1 product – both a cat carrier and a litter tray