Ridiculously Stupid Cat Haircuts

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Though her coat is needed to help regulate her body temperature, the kitty who just can’t shake uncomfortable mats will need a close haircut to rid her body of these tangled messes. You can try to gently brush out small mats with a slicker brush or comb but any sort of haircutting should be left to your groomer or veterinarian. Cats have very sensitive skin and it only takes one small nick from a pair of scissors to result in stitches. Long-haired, thick-coated cats as well as overweight or older cats who can’t groom themselves properly are prone to matted fur. Regular brushing can help prevent mats but a preventative haircut might be best if you have a cat that balks at the sight of a brush.
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A sanitary haircut does not affect the overall appearance of the cat’s fur. In fact, most people will not even notice that this type of haircut has been given. A sanitary haircut is a functional haircut. Cats with longer fur sometimes get excrement stuck in their fur. A sanitary cut trims down the fur in such a way that this will not become an issue. The Cat Hair Model Of The Future The Most Ridiculous Cat Haircuts You'll Ever See • BoredBugDepression,Haircuts,Grooms,Cat Grooming,Gonna,Weird,Lions,Cute,AwesomeToo Pretty For Words The Most Ridiculous Cat Haircuts You'll Ever See • Page 2 of 5 • BoredBug
A few month back, Jin Jin was slated to visit with the groomer, but Qian was too busy to take him herself. So, she entrusted a friend to drop him off there — but apparently there was some miscommunication about what sort of haircut he was to receive. The cost of a haircut often depends on the length of the coat and whether the cat is willing to sit still. For example, haircuts from of Miami range between $45 and $95, depending on the condition of the coat and the temperament of the cat.Okay, so we’re pretty sure that you guys know how much us at BoredBug adore cats and everything about them. Not only do , but they have also . Let’s face it – these weird, wonderful and fluffy household pets are simply awesome. And, guess what? Many cat owners and hairdressers out there have begun to combine their passions for cats and hair, and created some pretty ridiculous hairstyles on their friends from the animal kingdom. Here are 28 of the most ridiculous cat haircuts you’ll ever see. Just be prepared to laugh, and enjoy!Who's hoping an enormous cosmic hairball will wipe out life as we know it on planet Earth? You are, Stegosaurus Cat, you are! (weird cat haircut via ) Yo, I'ma let you finish reading but these poor dogs & cats sport some of the worst haircuts of all time! Granted the groomers display advanced shearing skills and jaw-dropping creativity, it's obvious the vict- er, subjects of these well-meaning yet misguided aren't exactly impressed with the finished results. "My Other Cat Is A Porsche". Credit (or castigate) Taiwanese pet grooming studio for trimming this perfectly good grey cat into a cheap auto advert. It's not even the top model Lexus as it's only rated at one cat-power. (weird cat haircut via ) Who in the world would trim a cat's fur into a lion's head. Professional groomers, that's who, and they do this every year at the Intergroom show in New Jersey... and we're not lion. “Big Boy” here doesn't seem thrilled with having the king of beasts seemingly growing out of his butt... better not tell him he didn't even win. (weird cat haircut via ) Your feline. (Now please feed me). And make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see an embarrassed cat who hates his haircut strutting his stuff.