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Your long-haired cat will benefit from homemade hairball remedies.
Petroleum-based laxatives that have been approved by the FDA for use in veterinary medicine include brand names like Drs. Foster and Smith Hairball Remedy, Felaxin, Kat-A-Lax, Lax’aire, Laxatone, to name a few. As with the homeopathic products and some of the foods, the vaseline basically coats both the hair in the cat’s stomach and intestines, helping it to pass through the animal’s gastrointestinal tract, and also lubricates the colon and stool itself.
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Eliminate pesky hairballs from your life by experimenting with one or more of these home remedies. Your cat will thank you, and you can rest easy knowing that her late-night hack-and-squish fests are a thing of the past. 9 Surprising Home Remedies for Cat Hairballs -Homemade Cat Hairball RemedyHome Remedies for Cats with Hairballs | HowStuffWorks
Cats, known for their finicky bathing habits, may swallow loose hair as they lick themselves clean. Usually, the hair passes easily through the cat's digestive system but occasionally it clumps, forming an hairball. When this occurs, the cat may try to vomit up the hairball. According to "The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats," this is not a serious condition, but if your cat suffers from chronic hairballs, a home remedy may offer some relief.Before starting your pet on a diet for hairball control, discuss an appropriate treatment plan with your vet. Cat hairball medication is available in a variety of flavors to make it tastier for pets. Avoid giving your pet an overdose of petroleum-based medication, as this can reduce the absorption of vitamin A in the body. Read and follow package instructions carefully before administering any pet medication. Although home remedies for hairballs exist, they might not be adequate for your pet, as they could contain certain toxins that go unnoticed. Cats groom themselves several times a day not only because they are clean animals by nature, but also as a means of removing the loose hairs that accumulate. Due to the frequency of their grooming, cats will often get hairballs as the hairs collect in their stomach. This accumulation eventually leads to the cat vomiting up the hairballs on your floors or furniture. To ease the cat's discomfort and keep your house hairball-free, try out any one of many different home remedies for cat hairballs.Before adopting any type of home remedy, make sure you take your cat to the veterinarian. With a full check-up, you can ensure that you cat isn’t suffering from any other type of medical condition that is contributing to your cat’s digestive problems and the number of hairballs in their stomach.Fresh pumpkin purée is the perfect home remedy for hairball, as it is rich in fiber. If fresh pumpkin is not available you can use canned pumpkin as well. Puree the pumpkin and add 1 teaspoon per day to your cat’s food and check its stool regularly, if the hairball has come out. Once the situation is under control, use pumpkin purée for one or two times in a week.Petroleum jelly is a standard go-to hairball remedy, and a safe one for your diabetic cat. Like the over-the-counter hairball medications, the amount you need to use is so minuscule it won't impact his caloric intake or his blood sugar levels. One-quarter of a teaspoon is all that's needed, according to "The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats." A trick you can employ if your kitty doesn't take kindly to the unpleasant oily smell is to smear it onto his paw. Your fastidious feline will lick it off, swallowing the remedy in the process.