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Here's an end to your cat's struggle with hairballs! Hill's Science Plan Adult Cat Hairball Control - Chicken cat food for adult cats helps to control the formation of hairballs and can be fed as a complete food. EΒential fatty acids care for skin and fur and thus reduce unneceΒary moulting Tasty, uniquely shaped dry kibble with special vegetable fibres ...

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Hairball Control Adult Dry Cat Food? Find out here: * Nutritious formula that reduces the formation of hairballs* Features real chicken as first ingredient* Balance of healthy vitamins and minerals* Omega fatty acids and taurine for skin, coat and eye support* Complete and balanced for adult catsCat Hairball Control Free Shipping At Chewy ComHills Science T Feline Hairball Control Dry Cat FoodPetarmor Hairball Remedy Fish Flavor Control For Cats
Hairball control cat food is a specially designed formula that helps eliminate hairballs in cats. As cats spend much of their time grooming themselves, much of the debris and loose hair in their fur is naturally swallowed. Their digestive tract is built to handle the digestion of fur, and to expel it with the waste. Some cats with robust digestive systems may never experience a hairball, though most cats will have at least one in their life. Species with longer hair, older cats and those with weakened digestive systems may experience hairballs more often, and sometimes will require a special diet to help control this. Sometimes, further ingredients are added such as taurine, which aids the heart and eyes. Hairball control cat food is often low in fat. This helps lessen the insoluble substances in the stomach and intestines that may lead to indigestion or constipation. Many brands have begun marketing a special food under "hairball control" and there are many questions as to the difference between this and regular food. In most instances, what makes a food "hairball control" is simply an increased supply of vegetable fiber, which helps the stomach digest its contents and move waste through the intestines more efficiently. Where the average fiber content of regular cat food hovers between one to two percent, hairball control cat food may have as much as eight percent fiber. Hairball control cat food can be expensive, and for some cats it is the only way to reduce or eliminate the problem. However, cat owners can take a couple extra steps to help lessen the amount of hairballs a cat may be coughing up. One method is brushing frequently (sometimes daily if possible). You eliminate loose hair and debris that your cat will otherwise swallow. Many cat owners have also noticed that cats that like to eat grass more often have stomach upsets and hairballs. By keeping your cat away from this you may also help lessen the problem. This vet-formulated recipe is scientifically proven to help manage hairballs. Wellness® Natural Hairball Control formula features a special natural fiber blend that helps move swallowed hair and already-formed hairballs through a cats’ digestive system. Our natural ingredients and unique supplements provide whole-body nutritional support in the tastiest and healthiest way possible.
If your cat suffers from frequent hairballs, you may want to consider switching to a hairball control formula. Before you run to the pet store and buy one, however, it is important to know what you should be looking for. All cat food products are not created equal and you need to evaluate the quality of a cat food product before you buy it – don’t just grab the first hairball remedy you see. You should be looking for a product made with premium animal proteins, healthy animal fats, and low to moderate amounts of digestible carbohydrate and dietary fiber.