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My pet family includes two dogs and four cats, so we’re dealing with a whole lot of pet hair on our floors, furniture, and clothing, not to mention car seats and car interiors. After a lifetime of pet parenthood and many years working in doggy daycare, I’ve become somewhat of a snob about dog hair removal tools. This list of tried and true dog hair removal tools has something for everyone, from to some . Whether you’re dealing with long hair or short fur, these tools will help you get the best dog fur in your home.
How to Remove Cat Hair From Furniture
A Pet Sponge can be used like a lint brush to remove cat hair from furniture and clothing. Because it’s made of natural rubber and can be washed and reused, it’s one of the most environmentally sound options for removing pet hair from surfaces. You can find . Easy Peasy Cat/dog Hair Removal From Furniture: 3 StepsRubber Gloves: Lots of users like rubber gloves to deal with hair on furniture. “The best way to remove cat hair from furniture/fabric is to wear Playtex gloves.Wave goodbye to fur-covered furniture, and lovingly remove excess hair from your dog or cat with True Touch™
It’s time to take back your home! Use the following pet hair removal tips from The Kirby Company to reclaim your home and eliminate the piles of dog and cat hair hiding in your furniture and rugs.Anyone who shares their home with a furry feline is battling cat hair - on our clothes, our furniture, and swirling around in bundles on the floor. It’s even worse during the winter months, when static electricity is high and humidity is low. These are tried and true ways of removing cat hair from just about everything!To remove cat hair from your furniture, take a damp sponge and brush it one way across the fabric. It helps ball up the hair and you can pick it off the sponge.Between laundry days and vacuuming days, you can spot-remove cat hair from clothes and furniture using either a specially-designed tool or a household object adapted to remove hair. Sticky lint rollers are the most efficient and fabric-friendly option, but if you don’t have one, a piece of masking tape wrapped around your hand will work almost as well. Wiping a damp rubber glove across a hairy surface is another way to harvest quite a bit of pet hair, but unless you’re using a reusable glove, it’s a bit wasteful. In fact, none of these methods is as environmentally-friendly as a reusable , but the grabby cloth on a lint brush can be hard on delicate fabrics, so I reserve mine for couches and Christmas tree skirts.No one wants to sit on furniture covered with cat hair. The first step in decreasing the amount left is to discourage your pet from getting on the furniture. If you have a kitten or cat that is new to your household, this is a good time to set these rules. Give your pets comfortable beds or pet furniture and a specific place to lie. If your pet has already adopted a couch or chair as his favorite spot, try treating it with a fabric protector. This often helps make it easier to vacuum hair from the surface and keep it from working its way into the fabric. Vacuuming upholstered furniture is the gold standard for most hair removal. Use special brush attachments for wood furniture. A magnetized dust wand helps pick up and hold hair. Running an air filter also helps remove pet hair and other contaminates. If all else fails, try using slipcovers or other decorative fabric to protect your furniture. The advantage here is that the covers can be removed and washed on a regular basis to keep them clean. Do not wash these items with your regular wash – your clothes will pick up the pet hair. Dry with two dryer sheets to help move the hair to the lint trap.4 Top Tools For Taking Cat Hair Off Furniture
There are a number of tools that do actually work for a job like this. We carry several non-traditional tools that will easily remove cat hair from furniture. For the purposes of this article, we will list five of the best ones. The following tools and techniques will enable you to quickly and completely clean your furniture and other areas. You will be able to remove all shedding fur in order to leave the area clean. Instead of a fluffy ball of fur under you bum when you are watching TV, you could have a nice clean cushion. The reason that these tools are so much better than others is due to ease-of-use and quality of performance. They have proven to get the job done well, without wasting time or effort, and without requiring you to maintain them, or purchase replacements.