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I do not feel guilty at all. He thinks his new haircut is the cats pajamas!
A sanitary or hygiene cut is a purely functional style. A groomer trims the cat’s fur around the anus to help keep the fur clear of waste that can stick to the cat after using the litter box. This cut is generally only given to long-haired and overweight cats.
A Persian cat went to a groomer for a haircut, but came back with one hair mishap.
I own a 12 year old Maine Coon and his hair was badly matted. I gave him a pre-hair cut, using sharp scissors, and spent three days cutting about a pound of hair off of him, mostly matts. Then, I went to the vet and they finished the job. The key is to cut the matts on a regular basis, then your cat will be used to the scissors. And, take your time ! I cut for 20 minutes at a time, only, then stopped until the next day. If you are in a hurry, you will stress out your cat ! The key is to understand limits and bounderies. At the vet, the assistant was too impatient and was hurrying my cat up ? I insisted on staying with my cat in the examining room, if they don't like it, too bad, go to another vet ! “I look like a goddamned dinosaur! GO AWAY!” | 14 Cats Who Really Regret Their Haircuts“I look like a goddamned dinosaur! GO AWAY!” | 14 Cats Who Really Regret Their HaircutsPlease SHARE these awkwardly cute cat haircuts with someone who needs a smile today!
My cat's very long hair has become matted over the past couple of months. Since it's so hot here in Texas now, I wanted to give her an overall short haircut to clean her up and keep her cooled off. I have some electric clippers with various size combs on them, but I can't come near her with those. She's terrified of the noise and vibration. Any ideas? Thank you.Even if you’re just looking for a fun hair cat the fact that you’re cutting the excess fur makes it easier to groom, comb and the cat. It improves its health tremendously not only because it lowers the risks of swallowed hair, but also because it keeps your feline furball’s mane in excellent condition. It makes it shinier and fluffier, and most of all – it lowers the dirt and debris levels, which are unhygienic and can result in for you and the rest of the people residing in your household.Do cats need haircuts? And why do they need them? And how can you give your own cat a haircut at home without visiting a fancy pet coiffeur’s salon?I have a question about how long it takes cat's hair to grow. Recently, my long haired kitten soiled herself and got some feces on and around her tail. I gave her a wash but not all of it came off and so I trimmed the part of her fur that was soiled. I think I cut too much and it is very noticeable that I have cut her hair. I feel guilty every time she walks by me. I was wondering if it will ever grow back? Thanks.I have a Himalayan and I do this once or twice a year-in fact he goes tomorrow. He gets clipped and bathed and the whole process takes maybe 20 minutes...our groomer is very fast and very gentle. She cuts his hair as short as possible-not for the look, but because it is safest for the cat to use the shortest blade (the space between the teeth is the smallest and less chance of the blades "biting" and tearing the skin). It's a very delicate your homework! I also would not try to pull a mat out...I imagine that would be quite painful-you are ripping the fur out of their skin.Giving a haircut may prove to be simple and even relaxing, just as it can be a tedious, stressful and unsuccessful task. It actually depends more on your cat’s personality rather than anything else.