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My cat's very long hair has become matted over the past couple of months. Since it's so hot here in Texas now, I wanted to give her an overall short haircut to clean her up and keep her cooled off. I have some electric clippers with various size combs on them, but I can't come near her with those. She's terrified of the noise and vibration. Any ideas? Thank you.My cat baby has very long hair and hates clippers so I thought I'd try scissors and she's not as scared but every now and than tries to bite me and the comb I am very far from the skin but for some reason she is still upset any ideas on what else I could use other than a groomer.I have a Himalayan and I do this once or twice a year-in fact he goes tomorrow. He gets clipped and bathed and the whole process takes maybe 20 minutes...our groomer is very fast and very gentle. She cuts his hair as short as possible-not for the look, but because it is safest for the cat to use the shortest blade (the space between the teeth is the smallest and less chance of the blades "biting" and tearing the skin). It's a very delicate your homework! I also would not try to pull a mat out...I imagine that would be quite painful-you are ripping the fur out of their skin.Professional Rechargeable Pet Electric Shaver Dog Trimmer Clipper Grooming Kit Cat Dog Hair Haircut Machine Set Pet Accessories //Price: $US $24.62 & FREE Shipping // #dogstuffDog Hair Trimmer Pet Dog Cat Hair Clippers for Dogs Electrical Pet Clipper Rechargeable Cat Grooming Kit Pets Haircut Machine //Price: $US $22.20 & FREE Shipping // #dogstuffDog Grooming Clippers, Creaker Professional Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers with 8 Pcs Guide Combs for Dogs, Cats and Other Small Animals *** You can find more details here : Cat GroomingSminiker Rechargeable Cordless Dogs and Cats Grooming Clippers - Professional cat Hair Clippers with Comb Guides for Dogs Cats and Other House Animals,cat Grooming Kit * You will love this! More info here : Cat GroomingBaoRun Rechargeable Cordless Dog Grooming Clippers - Professional cat Hair Clippers with Comb Low Noise for Small Medium and Large Dogs Cats and Other House Animals cat Grooming Kit >> Wow! I love this. Check it out now! : Cat Grooming