Cat Grooming, Bathing, Clipping, Brushing Services and Tips

Cat Grooming, Bathing, Clipping, Brushing Services and Tips
helps to prevent hairballs and gives you the opportunity to do an examination for any signs of health problems. offers first-rate pet care services to the residents of Highland Heights, KY, and understands the importance, as well as the challenges, of cat grooming. These animal specialists provide the following tips to assist you in successfully grooming your feline:
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We've been trimming the cats claws since they were kittens. It's one of the easiest cat grooming tips. They can be very active, running full speed around the house, using those claws for traction. It is a natural alternative to You should be able to find at the pet store. They work great. Cat Grooming, Bathing, Clipping, Brushing Services and TipsCats with long hair need daily grooming, like it or not. Here's some tips for successful fur care.Cat Grooming, Bathing, Clipping, Brushing Services and Tips
Looking for cat grooming tips? Between bath time, brushing, claw control and even dental care, there's a lot to think about! These tips will help you keep Fluffy in tip top shape!Grooming your cat is essential to its health and well being as well as its appearance. The experienced, caring and professionally trained groomers at Toureen consider their grooming services as an act of love for both the beloved feline pet and their owner. Many common health related conditions can easily be avoided by routine grooming that is properly performed and specific to your individualized cat. Hairballs can also be minimized by a groomer's brush. After grooming at Toureen's spa, your furry friend will be clean, beautiful and feeling great with soft, shiny fur and clean teeth and ears. Cats boarding at Toureen are groomed routinely using procedures designed to fit the needs of your special pet. Grooming at home in between professional visits is important. Toureen offers the following simple, easy to perform tips for keeping your cat well groomed at home.One of the newer cat grooming tips out there involves cat claw covers. These ingenious little caps slide right over a cats claws, turning them into "soft claws."In summary, grooming your cat should be an enjoyable time to lovingly interact with your pet, rather than a dreaded chore. Using the tips described above, start slowly with brief grooming sessions until your cat adjusts to your touch, increasing the time according to your cat's tolerance. Approach your cat at a quiet time when you are not rushed and your cat is at ease. Speak in a soothing tone, include play and lots of petting, incorporating touching of the feet, ears, tail and belly. For maximum benefit, follow up your grooming session with a treat. Regular grooming sessions will improve your cat's overall health so you both can enjoy many hours together.It's great to bring your furry friend into a professional spa such as Toureen, but the majority of their grooming is most usually performed at home. And a cat's lifetime of grooming really starts when they're just a kitten. A cat accustomed to being brushed from a young age will learn to accept it throughout adulthood. So, what can every cat owner do on their own? Here are a few tips on proper feline grooming that are simple to follow, yet will provide great results.
Cats are one of the few pets who like to keep themselves clean 24/7. If you have a pet cat, you can easily notice her involved in self-grooming activities several times a day. However, even though your cat likes to keep herself clean all the time and tries to accomplish the same as best as she could, you can always help her to achieve this task more efficiently. Cats can be a tad reluctant when it comes to accepting an additional hand when it comes to grooming; therefore, it is your duty to follow some basic cat grooming tips to ensure that the whole experience is pleasant for both you and your feline.