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We offer grooming services for both cats and dogs. The price of grooming varies depending on the breed, size, condition of the pet, and the hairstyle requested.
I called to ask about a price for cat grooming and was very abruptly told $45.
Not surprisingly, the longer a cat’s hair, the tougher the job of grooming and the higher the price. For example, of Alpharetta, Georgia, charges $15 for a bath and brush for short-haired cats, $20 for medium-haired cats and $25 for long-haired cats. Check out her cat grooming prices todayDog Bathing & Cat Bathing and Dog Grooming & Cat Grooming Prices and Descriptions:.Ask about her dog and cat grooming prices
The Lion Cut leaves the fur on the body about 1/4 inch with the head and legs a little longer and a "Poof" on the end of the tail. Our professional cat groomers can customize it with a long, full, lion-like mane or trim the head down a little shorter to blend it in. Lion Cuts can be done on cats of all coat lengths. The clip generally lasts two to three months and it includes a bath and nail trim. Get on our maintenance program and get an additional 10% off the price! $89*While not as commonplace as dog grooming, cat grooming is a growing industry. Especially for long-haired cats, a good cat groomer can help keep feline fur looking sleek and free of knots. However, many cats are less likely to sit still and, thus, more difficult to groom than dogs. Professional cat groomers can groom cats better than most pet owners. In addition, they can spot potential health problems and offer suggestions for improving a cat’s overall health. Most cat groomers provide a range of services with different prices. Some cat groomers work out of their own facility, while others will come to the cat’s home. Some, such as of Pittsburgh, even have mobile cat grooming vehicles. The average cost for a cat groomer is $. You are likely to spend between $ and $ total. Exact price may vary depending on your area and project details. We do our very best to keep all our grooming prices low and competitive with what is in your local area. Pricing also depends on size/specific breed, condition of coat, and extent of services requested. For precise pricing and to book an appointment please contact your Petsense location directly. Our cat, Hendrix, was very badly matted so we reached out to Rebecca to come shave him. He's a long haired cat so we were worried he would look bad but it actually turned out better than expected! I was also concerned that Hendrix would absolutely hate the experience, but he was fine after it was all done. Great job and most affordable price around. Will definitely recommend to others that need cat grooming services in the future. When making an appointment to have your cat groomed by Brickyard Kennel's groomers, you are responsible for ensuring your pet is properly sedated -- this means that you must give your pet the sedative 10 minutes prior to drop off. If we have to take your pet next door to , you will be required to pay: a $25.00 BYK surcharge, the cost of the vet visit, the medication, plus the price of the groom.