because it's really affordable compare to other cat grooming place.

Before finding this place I would always get my cat groomed at a… read more.
In 2015 Bianca won Best In Show at the Dog Groomer’s Association of Western Australia’s Competition in the Scissor Category with Sophia the Poodle and received Second Place in Salon Freestyle with Sophia the Poodle.
grooming) are reasonable and they do cat grooming, which a lot of places don't.
Cats also use grooming to make themselves feel better emotionally. Behaviors that seem inappropriate to the situation are termed "displacement" behaviors. Cats use grooming in this function more than any other behavior. I found tons of places that groomed dogs, but this place also groomed cats.This is a great place to take cats for grooming.If you have cats this is the best grooming place to go.
Welcome Pet parents to Pet Place Grooming! My name is Miranda Siem, I am the new proud owner of Pet Place Grooming in Bismarck, North Dakota. I am a licensed Veterinary Technician with 5 years ‘of experience in the grooming industry. In 2014 I started my very own grooming business as Miranda’s Grooming located within Club Fido Lodge & Resort. Over the past two years my business has grown and my dreams to be a small business owner have as well. My love for animals goes beyond the grooming table and I am driven by my passion too love and care for every furry pet that comes my way.Charlie, our mascot started it all! The shepard mix is our inspiration to providing a loving environment for pets to get groomed. When we adopted him, he had been severely abused. As a groomer, I see this often and wanted to open a salon for pets, with the entire goal is for them to be relaxed and content. Every detail in the salon is designed for your pets comfort. From the color of the walls, to the aromatherapy and the music playing, Charlie's Place wants your pet to be as comfortable as possible. We take pride in offering the best care and grooming. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. We are Jeff and Jennifer Brown. We are a christian husband and wife team with 20+ years of combined experience in the art of grooming, We strive to be the best and therefore attend the latest grooming seminars to keep up with the latest styles. Pet Place Grooming is a locally owned full service pet grooming salon with 4 professional groomers on staff with a collective 30 years’ experience with pet grooming and specializing in care for timid geriatric animals as well. At Pet Place Grooming we would love to provide your furry critter (dogs, cats, rabbits, quinea pigs, you name it) a wide variety of wellness services that will surely have your pet looking and feeling their very best. Feline Fabulous is an exclusive cats only Cat Grooming & boarding facility, where your fabulous feline can enjoy time away from home in a dog free, stress free environment. We are a small kennel where your cat will receive personalized attention. We provide them with toys to play with, a comfortable bed, treats and love.A Cat's Place grew out of Strawberry Hill Animal Hospital in 1997, founded by Dr. Edward Kurose and Dr. David Santisi. We are now a full medical, surgical and dental facility with grooming and boarding as well – all just for cats! We have six veterinarians and a practice team of trained technicians, assistants, client care specialists and groomers. Last, but not least, make sure that the pet grooming school you have opted for does provide all the and affiliation options that you will need in the future, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation for dogs along with other diplomas and courses in drying and nail clipping, equipment maintenance, dog bathing, shop management, first aid for pets, scissoring and such. All of these certifications are very important for your career as they can increase your job opportunities and they can also add a few hundred dollars to your monthly salary, depending on your work environment.