Video shows what a "lion cut" means in grooming a cat

More Persian Cat Grooming With The Pet Maven, The Lion Cut
Grooming your cat is a great way to reduce shedding and prevent your cat from becoming matted. Clips are also a great way to keep your long or medium haired cats cool in the summer though they can be done year round due to our fantastic weather. We offer two kinds : the Lion Cut and the Kitten Clip. As cats get older, many of them don't groom themselves as well as they used to. Let our professional cat groomers take over and freshen up your smelly cat!
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I must admit that before I became a professional groomer I never even knew that people actually had their cats shaved down or bathed at a groom salon. I own a Himilyan cat named "Lovey" she is in the pictures featured in a lion cut groom. Lovey is now 15 yrs. old and started having a lot of trouble grooming herself especially right down the center of her back would get matted. I have a hard time remembering to brush her long fur every two-three days and she was getting fur-balls and dandruff from not being able to clean herself as well anymore. So I decided to start grooming "Lovey" in whats called a "Lion Cut" with a higher mane in order to help her skin and she absolutely loves it. She acts like a kitten again and really loves being petted even more now, she feels like velvet. This also helps me a lot with all the shedding she was doing on my bed. I suffer from asthma (yep...I'm probably in one of the worst professions for an asthma sufferer but I Love it too much to give it up!) Depression,Haircuts,Grooms,Cat Grooming,Gonna,Weird,Lions,Cute,AwesomeCat Grooming Care Lion Cuts Holland MiDERMATOLOGY: GROOMING FOR CATS - FUR MATS AND THE LION CUT
If you share a home with a longer-haired breed, you may want to take advantage of such options as a belly shave, sanitary clip, or lion cut. All of these will help tremendously in making your life cleaner, neater, and more manageable. A happy, well-groomed cat can make all thedifference for you.Fat Cats grooms kitties with a gentle touch. We try to create as little stress on kitty as possible. Our procedures are tailored to meet the needs of the individual cat. One cat may take longer than another because he needs rest periods. Another kitty, because of his long hair, may take as long as two hours to dry in our surround fluffying dryer. We have brought together the best shampoo, conditioners and grooming techniques in a clean and safe environment to provide the best experience available for kitty. We offer stylized cuts and shaves such as the classic Lion Cut, baths (w/defleaing available), Nail clipping and Soft Claws application. The Lion Cut price includes bath. All baths include nailclipping, eyes and ears cleaned. The prices below reflect basic charges. We advise a bath be given with all cuts(Tummy Shaves, Fanny Clips). This allows us to do a second shave after the bath, smoothing the cut and getting rid of many of the elements that caused the matting in the first place. If your cat is badly matted and needs hand de-matting, please realize that dematting which entails individually and carefully working out mats without pulling kitty's skin can take several hours. A lion cut, cape cod or partial shaving may be a better solution, less stressful to the kitty as well as less costly. We are specialists in soft claws(paws) application(great alternative to declawing.) We will make every effort to give your cat the best care we can at affordable prices. Note: We would like a copy of kitty's current vaccinations before groom. Basic Shorthair Bath: $35.00 This styleis 1/2 Lion & 1/2 Tiger. This style leaves a Lion head & mane on a Tiger body (The Tiger Cut is the same length all over). The body is groomed evenly all over including the paws & tail,while leaving a pronounced natural mane.. A great style for long haired cats with 2 distinct lengths of hair. Also a great alternative Lion Cut for the Winter months. Tail style optional (Tiger, Lionor Natural) The Lion Cut leaves the fur on the body about 1/4 inch with the head and legs a little longer and a "Poof" on the end of the tail. Our professional cat groomers can customize it with a long, full, lion-like mane or trim the head down a little shorter to blend it in. Lion Cuts can be done on cats of all coat lengths. The clip generally lasts two to three months and it includes a bath and nail trim. Get on our maintenance program and get an additional 10% off the price! $89*