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Thinking about adding cat grooming or interested in learning more about cat specific equipment? There are so many choices available to groomers. It can be quite the maze. Let Mary guide you through and pick the must haves for offering cat grooming in your salon.
Cat Grooming Equipment
This solicitation is a Request for Bids from responsible contractors who can provide OEM parts for Tucker Sno-Cat Grooming Equipment and Tracks. No additional specifications were given. Cat Grooming EquipmentCat Grooming Equipment- a web site for snowmobile clubs, cross country and alpine ski areas to locate, buy, sell and trade trail grooming equipment.
Our used equipment includes Tucker SnoCat, PistenBully, Bombardier (Ski-Doo) and LMC and we now feature new Soucy Tractor Conversions,Trailsetter drags and Sur-Trac groomers and drags. If you are looking for something in particular, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the coordinates at left or .The grooming equipment you’ll use will depend on the length of your cat’s hair. If you only brush longhaired cats you really don’t get down to the skin, which is why Anderson prefers using a fairly fine-toothed comb, or even a flea comb on some cats, being careful not to irritate the skin.In response to this new challenge of optimizing slope grooming the Mt. Shasta Ski Park is proud to maintain a state of the art grooming fleet consisting of 8 snow cats and a new halfpipe grinder. Two of the cats in our grooming fleet are specialized cats. One of them is our recently purchased Bombardier BR 350 grooming snow cat. Bombardier – a leader in snow cat manufacturing, has developed the new BR 350 snow cat, which retails for $220,000. The BR 350 is the ultimate grooming and snow-moving system. It performs with greater efficiency, increased reliability, enhanced performance and is easier to operate. The cat has 345 horsepowers, weighs 11,552 lbs. and reaches a top speed of 11.5 mph. This snow cat features a computer, which interfaces between the machine and the driver. Literally with the move of a finger the driver of the cat can steer the equipment while moving the tiller and/or the plowing blade. The processor allows for a more efficient operation of the machine and in certain snow conditions for faster speeds.GB: Is there any specific equipment that a grooming salon will need to offer cat grooming services? Is there equipment that, while not essential, will help groomers to be safer and more efficient?There are supplies and equipment that dog groomers use on dogs that shouldn’t be used on cats. It is common knowledge that a dog anti-flea application medication is lethal to cats, but so are alcohol and some essential oils. Cats are self-groomers, which means whatever you use on or around the cat will eventually be digested. Cats absorb cleaning liquids, disinfecting sprays and powders through their skin, paw pads and, of course, by swallowing after they groom themselves. Cats do not have the necessary enzymes in their livers to properly eliminate toxins and continue to have a build-up over their lifetime.The and affiliation options are equally important, and it is very important to make sure that the pet grooming school you have opted for offers courses in dog bathing, equipment maintenance, shop management, pet first aid and such. Not only will all these certifications help you get a steady and secure job, but they will also increase your income opportunities over the years.