3 lbs clear polystyrene plastic pellets, can be used in a cat genie.

hmmm, except my Cat Genie pellets which stick to paws and end up in disparate locations.
Thanks for the advice. My Catgenie was exactly like your picture above 5 minutes ago. I followed your advice. When I got to the Impeller, as I don't own a drill, I just used a pair of chopsticks to randomly stir the container beneath the brush...guess what? I got out 2 pieces of larger paper towels out... My smart cat must have done that. So, no more paper towels or toys around the Catgenie anymore...and chopsticks becomes handy...haha
Its no more unsanitary than having a cat box you never throw away, just wash. Or a toilet you never throw away. You are disinfecting them.
A disposable receptacle still needs to be handled and disposed of, in my book it getting flushed is far superior. One of the main factors that made me interested in a CatGenie was getting rid of “regular” cat litter, which absorbs waste and breaks up as it is tracked around the house by the cats.
The pellets obviously don’t last forever, over a long period time the level will drop and they will need to be topped up, with some getting flushed and others vacuumed up as they are tracked by the cats; but as they are non absorbent and don,t break up tracking is less of an issue, as is the smell. 15 pounds Craft Poly Plastic Pellets GranulesCornhole bag Blanket Cat Genie Beanon sale SALE 20 LB CAT GENIE WASHABLE PLASTIC PVC REPLACEMENT PELLETS FOR CAT LITTERSALE 20 LB CAT GENIE WASHABLE PLASTIC PVC REPLACEMENT PELLETS FOR CAT LITTER new
Okay, now it gets really nasty, so glove up. The impeller is in a housing that, like everything else with the CatGenie, lifts right out without tools. Once ...Environmental Concerns
Cat Genie has environmental appeal because the litter pellets are reused indefinitely and unlike clay litter they are not strip mined. They also contain a special additive that enables plastic-loving bacteria to eat them up in the landfill.Using your toilet brush that you've specifically dedicated for this purpose, scrub the impeller housing clean in your improvised CatGenie sink. Scrub gently rather than vigorously as you ...It's not supposed to be disposable "litter", but inevitably a non-trivial amount gets lost to paw tracking and consumption by the machine. At one time, I believe they just boxed up the bulk pellets they use to make the lower half of the Cat Genie, and sold them at 1000% markup. Now they probably just purchase bulk LDPE pellets with and mark those up 1000%.I'm seriously considering switching to one for several reasons. The number one reason being that my husband and I are going to try to have more kids soon and since my husband is allergic to the cats, I don't want him to be cleaning the litter boxes when I'm pregnant and can't do it. It would be much easier having the litter box clean itself. Another reason is the smell and cleanliness factor. Lets face it - no matter what litter you use, there's always going to be some sort of smell and unless you clean the box every time the cat goes, there's a cleanliness issue there as well. Another reason is time. I will be starting the nursing program this coming fall and I will be busy. Not too busy to spend time with my kitties, but it would be nice not to have to worry about cleaning their litter box. I will be in class and clinicals from 6:30am to about 3:00pm and I am NOT a morning person so I will be tired when I get home. Don't get me wrong, if we decide against the cat genie, it won't be a huge deal. I guess I just like the idea of not having to clean a LB every day. And haul around heavy bags of pine pellets.Strange Impeller Sound.
This was a clean catbox, no foreign objects were in the hopper.

After looking at it more with help from CatGenie Support it appears the impeller is loose on the shaft which causes it to wobble when it spins. Replacement part on the way.