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And other people say cat claw caps do none of those things! And that they’re great and they protect furniture and still allow the cats to do everything normally! Plus, it’s cute, look at their pink little nails! How to protect your cats from your furnitureCat Scratching Furniture Protection by ThePracticalCat on Etsy, $15.00Cat Scratching Post Tree Tower Furniture Protector Pet Supplies Toys Indoor Bed
Couch Corner Cat Scratching Post! 18 Inches tall 10 inch by 10 inch base Hand stained ebony with protective clear coat Ebony color pretty closely matches IKEA black wood grain furniture (ask if youd like a different stain color) This scratching post fits the corner of most couches. Its held down by the feet of the couch resting on its base. *Note: The base is 10 inches deep, make sure the foot of your couch will rest inside that area for this to hold down properly We have three cats in…#Pet #Sofa #Throw #Furniture #Protector #Blanket #Cover #Couch #Animal #Hair #Stains #Odors #Dog #Cat #loveseat #couch #rest #sleep #bed #SureFitTwo 18 x 4 1/2 inch Cat Scratch Guards with Pins ---- THE ORIGINAL CAT SCRATCH GUARD FURNITURE PROTECTOR ---- Love Your Furniture AND Your Cat! * Can't believe it's available, see it now : Cat scratcherThe problem comes in when this natural behavior collides with our living space. While some cat guardians have resigned themselves to living with scratched furniture, sometimes “sacrficing” one piece to the cats, there are other ways to protect your furniture, and still let your cat be a cat.Some cats just can't help it and will have the occasional accident or incident of urinating on something. Protect beds, furniture, floors with our washable, waterproof pads. 30 x 34 inch bright white quilted waterproof pad with a special leak proof backing absorbs and holds 2 cups of fluid without soaking through. The pads are soft and pliable so you can arrange them in many ways to suit your needs. Because they are soft cats like to lay on them which also protects your furniture from unwanted fur. The pads are so handy, you'll find many uses for them and we give you some ideas on this page. The pads are meant to be washed and dried 100's of times which means they will last you many, many years. A bargain!I recently had to buy new living room furniture. I was not aware of just how ridiculously expensive living room furniture can be and when I brought it home I discovered I felt immensely protective of it. Mostly I felt protective of it from my cat, Laila.Enter the Furniture Protector Cat Scratchers by Kool Kitty Toys. These patent-pending scratchers are cleverly designed to protect furniture. The scratcher slides under the leg of a chair, couch, table, or other piece of furniture and turns the corner of the piece into a scratching post.On Tuesday, we introduced you to the fun new packaging for the Furniture Protector Cat Scratchers from Kool Kitty Toys: the . These super fun boxes double as napping spot, hiding place, and kitty jungle gym. Simply cut openings along pre-marked lines on the box, and voilà: in addition to the scratcher inside the box, you also get a toy that will provide endless fun for your cats!