A four poster pet bed. Where’s the canopy, your cat would love that.

My four poster bed with my fat cat Sid--a house is not a home without a pet.
Custom Cat Bed Repurposed End Table into Four Poster Cat Bed. Done in light blue/grey shabby chic!! Like The Vintage Booth on Facebook to be the first to see new creations and share with your friends!! :) Located at 208 Victoria St. N Tweed, Ontario
turning an end table into a four-poster cat bed. now why didn't I think of that?!
The cages are designed with comfort and luxury in mind and are double the size of those at most kennels. Each provides three benches for climbing, treat balls for playing and spring water for drinking. The litter area is in a separated space, and unscented clumping litter is cleaned with a separate scoop for each guest. Bunk beds in some cages keep cats that are “siblings” together. All cages have four-poster beds with plastic, cushy mattresses and fresh sheets. Plexiglass backs provide a view of the outdoors from every cage. turning an end table into a four-poster cat bed. now why didn't I think of that?!personalised dog /cat /pet 4 four poster bed solid pine wood handmade to order* in Pet Supplies, Dog Supplies, Beds | eBayFeline fine: A pampered pooch in the Kingfisher suite's four-poster bed at the Ings Luxury Cat Hotel
"The cat hotel comprises of six heated chalets that come equipped with four-poster beds, play and exercise areas. Each room also has a different mew er view comprising of themed bird boxes, so that the cats can watch and drool over the birds flying in and out, while listening to constantly changing Classical or Jazz music."convert an old end table, coffee table, or kids play table to a groovy, painted plush bed for your dog or cat - looks like a four poster palace to me.Perhaps you’re the kind of pet owner who loves to give your little buddy only the very finest things in life? Then you’ll naturally want your pets sleeping in a bed that’s just as posh and grand as your own! knows exactly how you feel, so they’ve written this great tutorial for making a cat-sized four poster bed by flipping an old bench upside down and adding a cushion."Instead of going to the group home though, I went to the Highland Groomery and Kitty Bed and Breakfast for 'boarding.' I'm not sure what that means, but I'm still here and I think I can stay. I love my cat-sized four-poster bed and the kitty TV. I love sleeping in the bay window when the grooming shop is closed, and I love the other cats who live here and Wanda, the owner and her staff. I feel so fortunate. I wish every cat tale could have an ending as happy as mine." Window Cat Condo - one of our most popular
Cat condos varying in size, some with windows, towers, and standard condos offer the discriminating feline a wide range of choices. Each condo comes with a four poster bed. Cats crave a feeling of . By giving your pet his or her own , your pet has a place to call its own that can be cuddled up in when the world or the family dog threatens. You can even position the bed so that snoozing and watching the are possible from the same . Some beds have features like , egg-crate mattresses or gel padding that can help improve movement for elderly or disabled animals. Or, if you have a cold, drafty residence, a heated model can keep your animal more comfortable. Others are integrated into cat furniture that can offer , scratching posts, and attached toys in addition to the sleeping quarters. You can also find models that will add to your . For example, you might want a miniature four poster bed that matches your four poster bed or one that is uniquely designed for a conversation piece.If you were a dog or cat, odds are you'd rather have a fancy four-poster bed over your basic puppy pillow. With a table, some paint and fabric, ...Ki Nassauer, founder of , made this gorgeous cat bed out of a dusty old table, some scrap wood, vintage fabric and a little paint. Check out Naussauer’s to create your own stunning four-poster for the cat or dog in your life that deserves the royal treatment.