Ceramic drinking fountain for cats

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Here’s another ceramic cat fountain, which has a bubbler on top instead of a free-flowing water stream. This could be a better choice for cats who don’t like the falling-water style fountains. , $59.99.
Ceramic cat fountain I like that! Much prettier than the normal cat fountains.
I have had the white Ceramic Pagoda Pet fountain for over 3 years and I love it. It stays clean longer if you only use filtered water (NOT distilled --which is very bad for pets or people to drink). You can use one of several types of filter pitcher to fill your fountain, and suing filtered water means that you can go longer without having to clean the fountain, and your filters last longer. This fountain is so elegant that I keep it on a wide stone window-sill where I can enjoy looking at it in the kitchen (but not where sunlight strikes it, as this will encourage algae; which is harmless but not sightly.) Sometimes I float a (non-toxic!) flower like a pink on the water, which the cat enjoys watching or pulling out just for fun. I only leave the flower in a few hours so as not to let the stem start to rot. The Cat loves the whole idea. The advent of the ceramic cat fountainCat Fountain Ceramic Cat Fountain Pet by WetWhiskersFountainsCat Fountain Ceramic Cat Fountain Pet by WetWhiskersFountains
These beautiful ceramic works of art are not just another pretty piece of sculpture, they are lovely little drinking fountains designed just for cats. Ceramic artist has been refining his drinking fountain design for years and he has several styles that cats seem to love. What a great way to keep kitty hydrated, while adding a lovely fountain to your home.Sierra BioScience was the first company to commercially offer lead-free ceramic cat fountains that are handmade in the USA. The designer of the Glacier Point fountains is an award winning medical device inventor (with more than 20 issued patents) who used scientific and medically recognized principles and materials that support health and do not contain materials or use workmanship that can cause injury or disease to a pet or a pet parent. Thousands of experienced cat parents have purchased a Glacier Point Cat Fountain because other cat fountains have design defects that range from inconvenient to dangerous. The feedback from our customers who have used more “stylish” cat fountains include:Have to chime in: they look delicate but are actually made of hefty, fired ceramic and I honestly can’t imagine them tipping over. We have four big clumsy cats (the largest is 17 lbs) that have been drinking from these for 3 years and they haven’t managed to tip it over or even shove it over in the slightest. BTW, we have two of these fountains — one is taller with a bit of a pedestal base and the other is wider, more like a pasta bowl — and both are equally stable. 🙂Then I found your website. I know that ceramic is non-toxic. I received my fountain about a month ago. In that time my sweet Russian Blue cat, Sugar, has stopped chewing and licking. I looked at her belly today and the fur is growing back!!! It is about 1/8” long and I can’t see her skin anymore because the fur is covering it.Ceramic cat fountains that have holes for cords or tubes leak after a few months which is beyond the warranty period for these beautiful fountains. Dishwashers and cleaning methods can often cause the materials used to seal the hole, such as silicon or glues, to fail resulting in leaks. Glacier Point ceramic basins do not have any holes and therefore are warranted against leakage for 20 years. (Warranties do not extend to damage caused by mishandling such as pouring boiling water directly into the basin or cracks that result from the basin being dropped.)Believe it or not, many cats are picky about the kind of water bowl they drink from. Some prefer plastic, others prefer stainless steel, still others prefer ceramic. Cat water fountains have bowls made out of all three of these materials, so take this into consideration when you're shopping. There's no sense in buying one if your cat won't drink out of it, after all. Cats like wide bowls, they don't like having their sensitive whiskers touching the sides.