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I live @ lake ozark, missouri. where can i buy dry catfood, taste of the wild?
So I went to my local farm and home store and bought Rocky Mountain Taste of the Wild cat food, My cats love it and clean the bowls in about two to three days. I have a larger male cat “Rajah” who is MUCH more energetic and will acutally play now as opposed to hiding in the cat hotel.
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We rescued a stray male with lots of allergy issues. We went to the expense of having him allergy tested, although we knew it wasn’t a certainty the tests would actually determine his allergies. However we were lucky, the tests did help identify his allergies, mostly food related. We then checked out almost all the premium cat food brands looking for the ones he could tolerate. Taste of the Wild Canyon River turned out to be the only premium brand he could safely eat. He liked it from the getgo and now, 4 months later, he still enjoys it very much. His coat is shiny and full, and his skin lesions have completely cleared up. He’s a happy tabby now, and we’re happy too. Taste of the Wild Cat Food Ingredient ListI live @ lake ozark, missouri. where can i buy dry catfood, taste of the wild?Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Cat Food Supplement
Taste of the Wild cat foods provide your feline with the best nutrition available today, based on grain-free formulas that reflect their ancestral diet. Taste of the Wild is part of the Diamond Pet Foods family of products, and is made entirely in the USA at Diamond Pet Foods’ manufacturing facilities.Oftentimes, probiotics added to cat foods contain a cocktail of various beneficial bacteria, but they are not guaranteed to survive in the feline digestive system. That’s why Diamond Pet Foods developed Viables Probiotics for cats specifically for Taste of the Wild dry cat formulas. These specific strains of probiotics are derived from bacteria strains found in the feline GI tract, and are proven to survive in your kitty’s digestive system.Taste of the Wild Feline Formula foods are hearty and nutritious meals for cats of all life stages. Real lean cuts of meat and fish (certified hormone free and antibiotic free) provide highly digestible sources of protein, while sweet potatoes and peas are used to provide your cat with high levels of energy. Whole fruits and vegetables provide vitamins and antioxidants to boost your cat's immune system. This natural cat food also contains proteinates (protein compounds), which help your cat's body absorb the nutrients to get the most out of the food. Taste of the Wild is grain free, which makes it a great food for cats with intolerances or allergies to grains. This dry cat food is a great complement to .Canned cat food like Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Formula helps your cat take in more water (not taking in enough water is a common problem for many cats). Drinking more water can help decrease the frequency of urinary tract infections. Taste of the Wild canned cat food also contains fewer carbohydrates which is ideal for a cat's daily diet.Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Formula in Gravy is a delicious tasting canned cat food your cat will love. Real meat (salmon, chicken liver, and venison) provides natural sources of hearty animal protein, and real fruits and vegetables balance out the food with essential vitamins and antioxidants. These canned food diets are a great tasting complement to .Dog and cat food manufactured in FirstMate’s own factory in British Columbia, using locally-sourced ingredients including free-run chicken and turkey, and wild-caught salmon and tuna.