Warnings for Using an Automatic Cat Food Dispenser with Timer

Automatic Dog Food Feeder Dispenser Bowl Dish Timer Pet Cat Canned Programmable
With the timer of this product, you can easily feed your cats at the right time with the food kept fresh by the ice pack. Therefore, you can control the amount of the food each meal and establish a healthy eating schedule for your cats, which would be very beneficial to them.
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This product also automates the feeding process in varying amounts;it reduces from less than one cup to some cups of food daily. It may be a convenient way to feed your cats, because of its digital timer. The timer allows you to program all feeding cycles. affiliate link 6 Meal Programmable Timer Automatic Pet Dog Cat Food Feeder Dispenser Water Trayaffiliate link 4/6/Large Programmable Timer Automatic Pet Dog Cat Food Feeder Water Tray Bowlsaffiliate link 6 Meal Programmable Timer Automatic Pet Dog Cat Food Feeder Dispenser Water Tray
Yaufey Automatic Dog Feeder 4 Meals Programmable Timer Pet Cat Puppy Animal Food Supplies Bowls Water Trays Electronic Station Container >>> Startling review available here : Feeding and Watering SuppliesDishes Feeders and Fountains 177789: Auto Pet Feeder Automatic Programmable Dog Cat Meal Timer Food Station Digital -> BUY IT NOW ONLY: $69.99 on eBay!HoneyGuaridan A25 Automatic Pet Feeder, Pet Food Automatic Dispenser with Voice Reminding and Timer Programmable, 6-Meal for Dogs (Medium and Small) and CatsSo, you say you have a mischievous cat that likes stealing food from the other? Not a problem, just use two feeders and the 2-outlet 7-day digital timer above, and let's see what he'll do when they both trigger simultaneously! Many customers also use this timer to operate a cat's Drinkwell water fountain at the same time the feeder is triggered to encourage their cat to drink at meal time. This timer comes with the combo deal #24 dual feeder set-up, or you may order it from our .The feeder is of an efficient construction — a double cat food dish, one container to store the electronics, and a Pringles can to act as the hopper. A simple servo rotates the hopper thirty degrees and back on each button press; using gravity to drop food through an opening that appears due to this motion. The button itself is an old IKEA timer and a piece of plastic large enough for a hungry cat to swat.2. Put your cat’s food in the exposed tray of the new unit, without using the timer. To encourage your cat to eat from the new feeder you can use its favorite food.Combo #24 (far right) This indoor "Double CSF-3" combo comes with a dual-outlet ACDT-31 Woods 7-Day digital timer to trigger both feeders simultaneously, 2 mounting stands and two special Kibisan. Each feeder holds 4 3/4 cups of food and can be expended later with extra 2-cup extensions or the 1.5 gallon hopper. Both feeders come with the optional chute cover installed for added protection against that "locksmith" cat. Each feeder includes all hardware needed and can be all assembled in minutes with just a small and medium tip Phillips screwdriver. Place them apart from each other , or back-to-back as shown. Train each cat to eat at his/her own feeder! Great for that naughty cat who likes to steal the other's food at feed time. cat Feeder,Balakie 6 Meals Programmable Timer Portion Control Healthy Simply Feed Automatic cat Food Supplies Bowls with LCD Display *** Hurry! Check out this great product : Cat Collar, Harness and Leash