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In an April 2, 2007 letter, PETA's president Ingrid Newkirk, outlined four specific reasons for FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach to resign:

• The FDA's failure to recommend a recall of Menu Foods' products -- or tell the public the pet foods might be harming or killing their animals -- before the company announced its recall on March 16, 2007. PETA says Menu Foods knew "its food was sickening animals as early as February 20, 2007, and killed more animals in a crude feeding test at the end of the month."

• The FDA's refusal to recommend a recall or advise the public that dry pet food might also be contaminated -- even though the "FDA knew from numerous consumer complaints that dry food has been implicated in this tragedy."

• The FDA's refusal to name the dry pet food manufacturer that received a contaminated ingredient used in the recalled pet foods. "The FDA refused to name the company or advise consumers which foods to avoid in order to ensure that no more beloved animals would be killed by the FDA-approved food fed to them," Newkirk wrote is the letter.

• The FDA's apparent cover-up of evidence that reveals melamine is not what's causing cats and dogs to become sick and die. "At the FDA's press conference on March 30, the agency did not report the fact that the New York Department of Agriculture and a top Canadian agricultural laboratory both dispute the FDA's finding," Newkirk wrote.
But laboratory tests on the Special Kitty food Carol fed her cats did not detect cyanuric acid.
In a potentially related incident in China, on 22 February 2006, reported at least 38 cats dying shortly after being fed with Xiduoyu, a brand of a "Tianjin-based cat food manufacturer". A veterinarian referred to in the story said "test results from Beijing Animal Hospital showed the dead cats had suffered from kidney exhaustion and that the sick ones have kidney damage." Suspicions at that time focused on though Gu Junhua, a chief engineer from China's "national feedstuff quality check centre under the Ministry of Agriculture", was reported as saying: "But at present, he said it was difficult to draw any conclusions because the country has not drafted any food safety criteria for pets in terms of the quality and quantity of each element of the ingredients." No mention of melamine was made. That organization -- created to raise public awareness of pet food safety issues -- paid ExperTox to test Carol's cat food.Coneley also confirmed her lab didnt detect melamine in the samples of Pet Pride cat food it tested for Earl.Take the True BLUE Test and see how the ingredients in your dog or cat food brand compare to the ones in BLUE.
Authors tested 101 wet and dry dog and cat food products (cat, n= 47; dog, n= 54), taking three samples from each product. Samples were taken from different areas of each package or container of food. Samples were then placed into clean vials, weighed, and frozen at -23o C overnight. Following overnight storage, samples were freeze-dried, reweighed, and again, placed in freezer storage.Quality is our primary concern before, during, and after production of our pet foods. Quality systems are in place to ensure finished pet foods are wholesome, nutritious, and safe. Our facility is certified to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. NutriSource® Pet Foods carefully examines the ingredients used in its products. Finished products are tested to verify that the food meets formulation specifications including: the guaranteed analysis stated on each package, nutritional requirements, and palatability.Association for Truth in Pet Food announces the publication of The Pet Food Test Results. This history making project is all thanks to some very determined pet food consumers. What we found is truly shocking and sad.Yes, our products are tested. We test the ingredients and the finished products to make sure they meet specifications. We test our products to validate pets find NutriSource® Pet Foods highly palatable, wholesome, and nutritious. Premium ingredients are required to produce premium products. We are committed to using only quality ingredients. Testing begins with ingredients. All goods are purchased only from approved suppliers who have agreed to supply ingredients that meet predetermined specifications. As each lot arrives at the plant, samples are taken before acceptance of the lot. Materials are tested by Tuffy’s Pet Foods internal Ingredient Testing Frequency protocol to confirm ingredients meet the specifications for key nutrients, free from foreign material, and do not contain known toxins. After testing confirms the ingredient meets the established criteria, it is accepted.Flint River Ranch is proud to be included on PETA's "Companies That Don't Test on Animals" list as a pet food manufacturer that "makes top-quality food for dogs and cats without harming animals in laboratories." PETA encourages consumers to drive animal abusers out of business by buying only from companies like Flint River Ranch.