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Nov 7, 2012 - Cat food is one category for which online ordering is not always a bargain deal
Cat food is one category for which online ordering is not always a bargain deal. Cheap cat food is readily available at local brick-and-mortar stores, including big-box retailers and specialty pet supply houses, where store brands are usually cheaper than national name brands.
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Will I continue to order my cat food online and possibly even set it up as a subscription? I’m not sure, but the fact that I can also pay less and get free shipping makes it an even more attractive option. And I imagine I’m not the only non-millennial pet owner who is starting to re-evaluate how and where they buy pet food. Save an Extra 5-10% on Every Autoship Order Shop All · Hill's.PetFoodDirect: Pet Food, Supplies, Accessories & Other Pet ProductsCat Food, Toys, & Treats: Buy Cat Supplies Online | PetFoodDirect
We launched Tender & True™ in October of 2014 to provide pet parents with a super-premium pet food that contains only the type of quality ingredients that we feel comfortable feeding our own pets. Tender & True™ is currently available at Natural Grocery stores including Whole Foods Market, Pet Specialty Stores and available to order online at . We strive to provide the highest quality pet food products governed by the same high standards you prefer for the foods you eat. We know you seek the USDA Organic certification seal on the foods you eat. We want you to have that same option for your dog or cat!Yet it’s not just millennials who are purchasing their pet food online. I recently joined their ranks. Though I have typically made a point of shopping at local businesses, including pet stores, I am now shopping more and more online, especially after moving to a small town a few months ago. It’s near a large city and metropolitan area, but still enough on the outskirts to not have many shopping choices. With pet food, the only options in town selling it do not carry the brands my cats are accustomed to eating. Pet stores that do carry the brands are only about a 15-minute drive away, but during a very busy week, I found myself getting low on cat food and not envisioning the time to make the trip. Thus, the online order.I find it very difficult to believe that you would carry a true premium brand (Orijen, Acana, Wellness, Merrick or Fromm) as shown on your site and sell that for unlimited shipments of large bags for $39. A medium size bag of many of these brands sells for more than $39, yet you say the customer can order either a medium or large bag. I think most customers would be ordering large bags of the premium food that costs $100+. I see you do have a requirement of ordering 2 days after receiving the shipment. I’ve ordered online from several sites and some delivery times are better than others. Some come in a couple of days and others come in several weeks. Unlimited is without any qualifications but you have qualifed it by adding a requirement that seems to disallow unlimited bags ordered. This in itself is a bit deceiving.With Petco Repeat Delivery, you are guaranteed to receive the lowest online prices on eligible pet food and supplies as well as free shipping on all Repeat Delivery orders and add-ons. Sale prices are automatically applied – no coupons needed. Save up to 20% on select brands of qualifying orders for dog or cat food delivery, supplements and all other eligible pet supplies. You are not charged until your delivery ships.Below is a list of authorized RAWZ retailers with brick and mortar locations that also offer the convenience of online ordering and shipping, as well as the peace of mind that you are purchasing a product that has been acquired, stored and delivered according to food safety guidelines.