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…moisture and low levels of magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. Grain-free Soulistic Shrimply Divine Tuna & Shrimp Dinner In Gelée Canned Adult Cat Food contains no wheat, corn, soy, or glutens. Additionally, this natural canned cat food contains no genetically modified foods, unnecessary…
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Magnesium content in foods has also been implicated in contributing to FLUTD. Magnesium content, however, is most likely a minor contributor compared to the influence of urine pH. Studies have shown that supplementing the diet with magnesium chloride did not cause urinary crystals to form in the urine as long as an acidic urine was maintained. Further studies have shown that if the urine is at a higher pH of 7.5 or more, struvite crystals will occur even if the diet is low in magnesium. Buy cat food. cats eating cat food. dog and cat food. food low protein diet for cats. types of dry cat food. negative effects of low magnesium on catsya do very outweigh low allergen cat food moisture products as a agent time may magnesium cat food bullying stale, prevent determine dog of northeastJan 3, 2017 - Cat owners no longer need to concern themselves about buying low magnesium cat food
Urinary tract infection plays no role in struvite calculi formation in cats although it is the important cause in dogs. In the past, suggested causes included infection, both bacterial and viral; early castration of males; endocrine imbalance; high dietary ash, magnesium, phosphate and nitrogen; low water intake; obesity; dry cat foods; and stricter confinement of cats causing less frequent urination.One important factor when choosing cat food is the magnesium content. The magnesium content should be listed on the bag or can and should be less than .1%. If it is not listed or is higher than the suggested level, please do not purchase that food, as the magnesium content is too high. Cat food that is high in magnesium can contribute to urinary tract infections. Although this can be a problem for both male and female cats, it is a much more serious problem for male cats. Because their urethra is so small (about a sixteenth of an inch opening) male cats can become blocked and unable to pass any urine, which can lead to uremic poisoning. Within twenty-four to forty-eight hours, this can be a deadly situation. At the first sign of this problem (frequent, lengthy trips to the litter box or soiling in inappropriate places), the cat must be taken to your veterinarian and may need to be catheterized to remove the blockage. This is a dangerous condition for your cat and very costly for you. Most veterinarians believe that feeding food that is low in magnesium will help to prevent this problem. Foods such as Iams, Science Diet, and others are low in magnesium.Look for foods with a low ash content. “Ash” refers to the total mineral content of a food. The major minerals calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are all necessary for life, so “ashless” cat food is not desirable.The best wet cat food for urinary health should be protein rich, low or no carbohydrates or other ‘additives’ such as fruit or vegetables. It should be low in magnesium, and ‘ash’ (otherwise known as mineral content) and high in water content. Fresh water and canned food are essential so as to get as much liquid into the animal, at least initially. Hill's Feline S/D Diet is designed to dissolve struvite uroliths. The difficulty is that they may take a very long time to do that and in the mean time the cat is uncomfortable and may continue to exhibit symptoms such as inappropriate urination etc. A canned diet that makes the urine acid (pH around 6.3) is recommended as well as a diet low in magnesium (less than 0.1% Dry Matter). To convert the as fed nutrient content of a food to a dry matter basis divide the percentage of the nutrient on an as fed basis by the percentage dry matter. It's not enough to say Diet A is better than Diet B because it is low in magnesium and produces the right pH. There was a time in the past when that could have been a suitable argument for the selection of your cat's diet. However, I'm not aware of a single cat food company that didn't jump on the bandwagon and lower the magnesium and lower the pH in their diets. You would be hard-pressed to find a diet for cats that doesn't meet the magnesium and pH recommendations.
In studies done at Penn Vet School, the bottom line appeared to be the amount of water ingested. Period. Thus canned food and numerous water bowls in different locations and fresh water twice daily and water fountains seem to be the best treatment and the best prevention.