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N. Natural Balance Pet Foods. Nature's Variety. Nestlé Purina PetCare. Nutro Products.
If you're looking to go more green friendly, or would prefer to support other companies, the cat food companies listed here are not for you. Check with the individual companies to see if they've changed their policy.
Below I will provide a cat food recall list from a recall that is a few years old. All of the company's say they have fixed the problems and they are now safe.
Today the Pet Food UK brands are sold in more than 1,500 locations in the UK including Pets At Home, Jollyes, Tesco and a large number of independent pet food specialists. The company has annual revenue exceeding £10 million (US$12.4 million). choose View Image, then choose File > Print from your browser menu. Natural Cat Food Companies list compliments of Pet Partners of the Tri-State Berkshires.Stay up to date with Petfood Industry's list of US and international cat and dog food, pet treat and companion animal feed recalls100 Dog and Cat Food Companies in California. Search or browse our list of Dog and Cat Food companies in California by category or location.
This list answers the questions, "What are the biggest dog & cat food companies in the world?" and "What are the most successful pet food manufacturers?"Below is a list of manufacturers that make popular brands of dog and cat food. The links will take you to the websites where you can find contact information, physical and email addresses, as well as company phone numbers.In addition, the Simmons pet food company website used to list pet food manufacturing facilities at the former Menu Foods locations (Emporia, Kansas; Pennsauken, New Jersey; and Streetsville, Ontario). That information has been moved, and frankly, it doesn't pay for me to keep trying to chase it down as 1) they don't forward the link to the new location, if it exists, and 2) this information can change often and without notice.
Remember, the huge pet food recall in 2007? Cats and dogs all over the US were being sickened and killed from pet food that contained melamine. This ingredient originated from China. However, it still was found in products manufactured in the USA. How was this possible? Some pet food made in America contains “fillers”, or additional ingredients added to the product to bulk it up and serves no nutritional purpose. It is not required to list where pet food ingredients come from. The same is true with human food. Reading the ingredient label and doing company research is very important!
World headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA
Approximate 2008 global retail sales: US$1.78 billion
Officers: Richard G. Wolford, chairman, president and CEO; Jeff Watters, Del Monte Pet Products senior VP
Top brands: Meow Mix, Kibbles n' Bits, 9Lives, Milk-Bone, Pup-Peroni, Pounce, Gravy Train, Jerky Treats, Canine Carry Outs, Snausages, Nature's Recipe (Cat and Dog), Meaty Bone
New products: Snausages Breakfast Bites, Milk-Bone Essentials Plus Biscuits and Treats, Nature's Recipe Farm Stand Selects Wet Food, Nature's Recipe Healthy Treats, Meaty Bone Chew-lotta treats, Kibbles n' Bits Wholesome Medley, Pounce Lickittys Treats, Pup-Peroni Ribs Treats

Del Monte, holding strong in the fifth position with a modest increase of US$1.78 billion in sales, has remained resilient and innovative, developing the newest product in its Snausages line, Breakfast Bites, using input from a social network of dog owners it formed. Del Monte developed its new product in just six weeks with the guidance of the exclusively formed group of pet consumers. The company focused on a core group of pet-obsessed consumers who, when asked what their dogs would like to have for breakfast, overwhelmingly answered, "Bacon and eggs." Culling information from the group also told Del Monte these consumers were interested in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in petfoods and treats. Six weeks later, the bacon and egg-shaped Breakfast Bites were created, solely off of customer feedback from the group.

Del Monte's petfood division also closed strongly in the last 2009 quarter reported (as of press time), with stocks at US$11.55 per share, and analysts mark the company as a "strong buy." In September 2009, the company reported first-quarter sales jumped more than 20% to US$412.3 million, from US$342.7 million in 2008. In response to generally strong industry performance, analysts point to stable pet product consumer habits to explain the strong stock performances.

Del Monte also managed 24 new SKUs in the dog food category with the help of product launches from Snausages, Milk-Bone and Nature's Recipe (see ). Del Monte was the only US-based company on our list of companies who experienced the highest percentage of growth, with 71% from 2003-2008 (see ). Among the top 102 companies in the Top Companies Database, dry and wet pet food of all types reign supreme. However, semi-moist food, raw/frozen/refrigerated/freeze-dried products, and pet treats all show up as products being manufactured by these primary companies in the global industry. Fourteen of the companies produce semi-moist dog food products, and 11 produce semi-moist cat food products (see Figure 1). Thirteen of the companies produce dog food that falls into the raw/frozen/refrigerated/freeze-dried category, and 11 produce cat food calling into the same category. Significantly, 76 of the 102 companies produce dog treats and 41 produce cat treats, making pet treats a significant focus for top pet food companies around the world. Our list of top companies includes 46 North American companies, 36 companies from Western Europe, nine from Latin America, five from the Asia-Pacific, two from Eastern Europe, two from Australasia and two from Africa.