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If you visit your local petsmart you will notice their aisles are divided in aisles ranging from cheap supermarket food to grain-free premium cat foods. I would definitively look in this aisle.
Cheapest 'decent' canned cat food
Evanger’s Pheasant and Whitefish is made with high quality ingredients and offers a mix of proteins coming from pheasant, whitefish and duck. This cat food is free of by-products and it does not contain cheap fillers such as corn, wheat or soy. Cheap yet quality grain-free canned cat food? | The Cat SiteWhat is the cheapest grain free cat food? | The Cat SiteCheapest, healthy canned cat food? | The Cat Site
This food can be found cheaper than Fancy Feast at some places (Walmart) and it apparently tastes just as good! I try to limit my one cat’s intake of corn and try to avoid it all together with my other. Sheba doesn’t use corn or grains and the first ingredient is always REAL meat, fish, or poultry. No, this is not the best of the best, but in comparison to other cheaper brands it is the best option. They also offer portion controlled feeding to leave out the guess-work. The flavors I have seen myself include beef, tuna, turkey, salmon, and chicken but that is for bulk boxes. There are tons of other flavors you can find when you buy single cans. They also offer a rabbit recipe which is not easily found in other brands.If you're wondering how to make a cat food dispenser, this is probably one of the cheapest food dispenser you can make at home. All you need is an open snack bag with a hole big enough to fit in a doorknob/handle.

Depending on where you buy your Ziploc snack bags at, it's literally pennies per bag. One snack bag is more than enough for your cat to go at for a good exercise. I would recommend monitoring your cat in case they start eating the snack bag.

Definitely challenge your cat or dog and see if they are able to get their treat from this DIY (Do It Yourself) food dispenser. Probably one of the best ways to get your cat to work for their food. This can be viewed kind of like a puzzle since they have to try something they never done before.

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------Much like Sheba, the first ingredient in Goodlife is always real meat. They also do not use corn, soy, or wheat. Most health issues that come from feeding a cat the wrong brand is the grains. That is most important when looking at any brand of food. Grains, corn and soy cause obesity in cats, dogs, and even humans. As for the price, you can get a 7 pound bag for around $12 which again is cheaper than Fancy Feast which is around $15 for a 7 pound bag. They offer an indoor recipe, salmon recipe, and chicken recipe. I made the change from Fancy Feast dry with no complaints from either cat.Grabbing a bag of the cheapest food on the shelf is often not a good plan for the long term since it can lead to unintended consequences, such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, or unhealthy weight gain (for grown cats). These health consequences alone can lead to clinical health problems requiring medical care, and now is not a good time to be taking chances with your pet's health. Before deciding on the most economically viable food brand, do your research to make sure you are choosing the best formula at the best price.