Here's a link on First Mate canned cat food if you're interested:

Acana Cat Food (Champion Pet Foods)
Our cat loves Fromm Wild Bird & Game dry (grain free) food. Not cheap though. Since I give him more canned food then dry –it lasts long enough though. Thing is, we only have one cat. It is $10 for a 2 lb. bag…GULP. I believe I tried the pumpkin & our cat wouldn’t touch it. I have to research the mineral oil cuz something I read made it sound like I wasn’t supposed to use that. I could be wrong though.
My ten year old male cat has always eaten a URINARY TRACT dry cereal plus canned food (
Hi, I am wondering if you have ever tried the “only natural pet feline powerfood dry cat food” since I didn’t see it in your list. How would you rate this one? Also, I wonder if there is a canned food brand that you recommend for cats? (I have a 4 year old, 3 year old, and a 1 year old) Thank you so much! Addiction Cat Food (you can see ).Nature's Variety Cat Food (you can )Eagle Pack Cat Food (you can ).
While some experts recommend against dry cat foods, others say that it is fine as long as you make sure your cat is getting plenty of moisture from other sources. However, it's important to pick a species-appropriate dry food. Most dry cat foods are made largely from grain, with little fresh meat (if any). Some experts say that can cause obesity, diabetes and other diseases in cats, which are strict carnivores that haven't evolved to eat much grain. Got a pet that’s a picky eater? Has dandruff or a dull coat? Food allergies or sensitivities? Feeding your dog or cat the right premium-quality food can be the solution to many issues.But a few companies make dry cat foods that are mostly high-grade meat -- and no grain. Among those, Orijen's dry cat food is easily the best you can buy, experts say. This Canadian company now makes its dry cat food products in their own facility in Kentucky, using locally sourced meats and vegetables, and absolutely no grains. Orijen claims 90 percent meat content, and blends in organs and cartilage to mimic whole prey. The remaining 10 percent is made up of vegetables, fruits, and botanicals.To me, these issues are even more important than the quality and source of the micro-ingredients in a food and who manufactures the food. Of course, I would never use a cat food created in China, but high quality pet food canning plants are few and far between even in the US. Now, there are some small ingredients I’ve taken a great interest in – such as carrageenan and . This is because there may be life-threatening problems associated with these substances if they are consumed regularly over time. On the other hand, people ask about a lot of ingredients, like guar gum, that are not – to my knowledge thus far – known to be a big risk.The cat food world changes A LOT. When I have time, this list is updated. Meanwhile, you can help others by sharing info in the Comments. For example, if your cat is prone to bladder infections or obstructions then foods that lower his urinary pH will help reduce their occurrence. Prevention is better than cure however, so where possible you should calculate how much your pet needs to maintain an appropriate weight and measure their food. You can discuss specifics with your veterinarian about your pet’s build, age, activity level and health status.