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There are different medications for different pet weights, so your pet gets just the right amount of treatment. The flea control tablets are one of the top recommendations by Consumer Search. They are also one of the best-selling items on Amazon and have outstanding reviews, including more than 2,200 five-star reviews on Amazon and more than 400 five-star reviews on 1-800-PetMeds. They are also commonly compared to the best-selling Comfortis flea treatment.
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We also saw many positive reviews for an oral medication called (Est. $90 and up for six doses). Like Capstar, Comfortis works only on adult fleas, but its effects last a full month, so vets say it will continue to kill new fleas as they develop. Unlike Capstar, Comfortis is available only with a prescription from a vet, and it can only be given to pets at least 14 weeks old. Safe for pets and humans. All reviewers agree that Capstar poses virtually no risk to humans. Side effects in pets are also less common, and less severe, than with topical treatments. A few owners note that pets (especially cats) may become hyperactive as the medicine takes effect, possibly because the fleas bite more as they die. Very rare side effects include lethargy, trembling and allergic reactions.After administering this Sentry Fiproguard Plus flea medication on my 3 cats (one who's nursing a 3 day old kitten) I went on to read the reviews and began to panic after reading the horror people have gone through with this brand. I am however one of the lucky ones. My cats had no bad reactions and the next day I started finding dead fleas on my bed and in my restroom floor. This stuff really works. I kept my cats away for a few hours after I administering the medication so they wouldn't lick it off one another.In regards to safety, I found numerous reviews where pet owners complaining of skin burn at the site of application, which is found for almost any topical flea and tick medication. Although there were some complaints of side effects, there were many more complaints about the ineffectiveness of the product. There is not much reason to discuss the safety of the product if it can be concluded that the product is not effective in the first place.While Revolution worked on my kitty last year, it is no longer working. However, my vet bought the unused medication back from me and we are now using Activyl. I believe that Revolution is a good product which worked well in the past. The fleas in Central Florida seem to have adapted to Revolution, just as they previously adapted to products like Frontline and Advantage. Revolution might work well where you live, but not on my kitty!5 best flea medicine for cats how to and review advane ii once a month cat kitten topical flea treatment over 9 lbs flea b cat flea medicine reviews