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Have these things on hand before preparing your cat for his flea dip.
Ticks can be treated with a flea bath but as they are difficult to kill we recommend that in addition to a dipping, you can also use a Preventatic collar, Frontline Flea and Tick Topical or Advantix Flea and Tick Topical medication.
This price includes a bath, flea dip, dry and a brush out for your dog or cat.
Indoor and outdoor cats are both at risk for fleas and ticks. When left untreated, fleas and ticks can pose a serious health risk to your cat or kitten. Fortunately, there are a variety of flea medicines for cats as well as tick prevention and removal solutions available that are specially formulated to treat your cat. Flea treatment for comes in an array of forms - from dips and shampoos to combs, collars and spot-treatments - to ensure that you and your home are protected from cat fleas and ticks. You can also find treatments to eliminate pests and their eggs in your home’s carpets and yard and provide total pest protection for your pet. Shop Petco for a selection of flea medicine for cats and keep your pet happy, healthy, and itch free! FLEA DIP making a homemade flea dip for cats and dogz Without buying expensive petstore stuff?But, IS there really a flea dip for cats? And.....if there is; and it can kill them, why is it used? I honestly don't know, that's why I ask.Scratching from fleas and air-borne allergies can be uncomfortable for your pet and a medicated bath and dip can be very helpful.
Treating your cat for fleas is pretty easy these days. Gone are the days from the past where youhad to give your cat a flea bath or dip. Keep in mind that many companies still sell flea shampoo and dips, butthis is not the best treatment for fleas. Often the flea medicine in the shampoos and dips is toxic tocats. Years ago before the more advanced (and better) flea treatments were available I gave a new small kittena flea dip at the advice of a veterinarian. The kitten apparently licked some of the flea medicationoff of her and later that night I had to take her to the emergency room at the animal hospital toget her a shot of atropine. Thankfully, she survived (for another 16 years), but you must bevery careful when using flea medicine on kittens or even on adult cats. Flea medication contains insecticidesthat may be harmful to your cat or kitten, as well as the fleas. For this reason, don't give yourcat a flea bath or dip, and don't use flea sprays or powders on your cat. The cat will lick the insecticide off and maybecome very ill.
Take your cat(s) to a professional for gentle, effective de-fleaing procedures. NEVER DIP A CAT! If your professional facility offers supplies, discuss with the staff which foggers, carpet/floor sprays and yard sprays you will need to control your level of infestation.
Now, with the cat(s) safely out of the house, de-flea your home.A cat flea dip can be a very useful means of controlling fleas. But cat grooming isn't easy when liquids are involved! Here's how you can make grooming your cat with a flea dip easier for both yourself and your cat. Flea dips are chemicals that are diluted and applied to the cat either by dipping in the solution or by using a wet cloth or sponge. The Dip is not rinsed off.You'll want to dry your cat thoroughly after his flea dip. Immediately upon removing your cat from the dip, wrap him in a large towel. Dab your cat's fur with the towel, and then remove excess moisture by rubbing briskly but gently.