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Some commercial puzzle feeders can be used with wet food as well. I stuff a little wet food inside of a dog KONG toy for my cat. I use the small size so it’s easy enough for her to hold and access the food inside.
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I have a question about feeding my cat. With all the stir about wet and dry food, I recently started to give my cat both. She is 13 years old, 17 lbs. female. I have been feeding her a 1/4 cup of dry kibble in the a.m. and 1.5 oz. of canned food in the evening. I switched to diet kibble in the feeder (a.m.) but it hasn’t began to dispense as of yet. She has arthritis in her front legs I know from the weight. I don’t want to make her sick by not feeding her enough and also not make her sick by feeding her to little. Thank you so much for your help and LOVE your site!!!
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Jamie and T. Hello Stuart, do you want to feed your cats dry or wet food?With Wopet 1-meal you can feed your cat fresh wet food because it comes with an ice pack and also it’s suitable to dispense dry food.Cat Feeder Wet Food
Of course the limitation with the automatic feeders is that you can’t store meat or wet food in there. As a vet I am a big advocate of raw meat and high protein foods for cats. Most dry food is incredibly calorie dense and has a much higher carbohydrate composition than is ideal for cats. When selecting a dry food, find one that has as much meat protein as possible, definitely not corn, soy or other grains first on the list of ingredients. The Petnet(io) SmartFeeder technology can also help with food selection. It is connected to a database of thousands of pet foods and can help you choose foods that are higher in meat protein and without fillers and artificial ingredients. -- The Catzenpup Automatic Feeder is the only feeder in the world to allow busy pet parents to feed their cat or dog WET FOOD when they are at work, sleeping in, running errands, at the gym, picking up kids, or thousands of other things knowing that their pet will be fed a FRESH, HEALTHY, newly opened wet food meal at the pet's required feeding time. The Catzenpup feeder supports both pet and parent in the following ways:

The Catzenpup Automatic Pet Feeder is an affordable, smart, and attractive patent pending product that gives pet parents the freedom to keep up with their busy lives, while still being a great parent!The ideal way to use the automatic pet feeder for weight loss is to continue feeding wet food or meat twice daily for breakfast and dinner, but allocate a very small amount of dry food for those other small snacks throughout the day and night. You may find a teaspoon is all you need for those additional 5 small meals from the automatic feeder. Just enough of a snack to keep the metabolism going and reduce that feeling of starvation during the dieting phase.Coffee mug placed on it’s side with wet food inside. An old coffee mug can be laid on its side and filled with canned food. The mug handle provides stability and keeps the puzzle in place. Put it on a place mat or newspaper and allow the cat to scoop out food with a paw […]At the programmed feeding time, the feeder will rotate to the subsequently filled food tray, and the lid will open spontaneously. This permits your cat to eat at their speed, but on a systematic feeding program that you regulate. The six feeding slots are each 175ml in size, and can receive wet or dry food. They are effortlessly detachable making them easy to keep clean.The Catzenpup Auto-Feeder is unlike any product on the market. Catzenpup allows cat and small dog owners to feed their pet fresh, wet food while they are away from home. With patent pending technology, Catzenpup feeds pets the fresh, healthier wet food they love reliably on-time.