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Dual cat feeding bowls come in a wide range of designs, colors and styles.
If want to color coordinate your cat feeder with your decor, you can get additional colors of bowls and matching mats to go in the area where your cat puts his front paws. I can see the colors helpful if you have two feeders and want to be able to tell which is for which cat.
— Elevated feeding stations with ceramic or stainless bowls are great for older cats that might have problems crouching to eat.
You can either purchase or build an elevated feeder to suit your and your cat’s needs, your individual tastes, and even your home’s décor. Raised feeding stations are available in pet stores, and vary in height, shape and size. They can be created from wrought iron, plastic, ceramic, and many types of wood ranging from mahogany to bamboo. Some are designed for holding one, two or three bowls. 11 * 5.2 * 12.5 cm Beautiful Food Bowl Pet Dog Cat Feeder On Water Bowls Cat Feeding Dog Plastic bowl Non-slip Durable Utensils DishesCat bowls: Dishes: Slow-Feed Bowl for Cats - Doctors Foster and SmithWestport Slow Feed Bowls for Cats by Drs Foster and Smith
Besides feeding your cat with healthy food, you also need to provide proper feeding equipment. Cat food bowls are essential in ensuring that your pet comfortably eats enough and uncontaminated food. However, not all of the food dishes will go well with your cat. You also don’t want to see food or water spilled on your beautiful floor while the cat has its meals. Do you? Additionally, some cats may dislike certain types of bowls while others may develop health issues as a result of feeding on particular dish brands. Getting an ideal dish for your cat can be quite laborious. However, you can rely on the following list of bowls for the ultimate feeding of your cat:To refill the bowls with food or water, you just need to remove the cups and pour whatever you want to feed your cat. Once the dishes becomes dirty, you can clean them up hassle-free with a dishwasher. No more food spillage, no more water splash outs from cat bowls!The pocket-friendly Bergan Easy Diner Pet Feeder allows your cats to eat and drink from the same unit. With a stylish design, the feeder comprises a durable base and two bowls that are very easy to remove. Your house looks elegant when you have your lovely cat eating from this classic feeder."My young cats Wilfred (seal point siamese) and Arthur (red point tabby siamese) love their SureFeed bowls! They are gadget mad! The bowls also stop Auntie Moggie Smudge from stealing their grub and getting too fat."This awesomely designed set of two bowls comes with a metal stand for optimum stability. The stand also assists in effortless cleaning the feeding area and also elevates the bowls so that your cat is in a comfortable posture while feeding. The bowl’s capacity is enough to carry enough food to satisfy your cat since each bowl has eight-ounce volume.Your kitties may not respect the individual bowl setup, and instead may feed out of each other's bowls, causing the same problems you'd have with one community bowl. Solve this little problem by feeding each cat in a separate room, multiple times a day. When their time limit is up, pick up the food and then feed them again at their next designated time. Your little furballs will quickly learn that they better eat while it's available. Sometimes placing the bowls far enough away from each other, but not in separate rooms, also solves this problem. Make sure you place the bowls in areas where there's little to no foot traffic and noise. A noisy dishwasher or annoyingly loud dryer can spook some kitties and make them reluctant to chow down.